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Comment Re:Just messing with that last night and this morn (Score 1) 79

That semi-worked for me once or twice, but after I hit Enter or Select now it doesn't recognize anything but ESC from my keyboard. I rarely mess with WINE, don't really believe in it, making an exception for this. I'm trying out PlayOnLinux and using that to install all sorts of DirectX and other support to see if it just starts eventually.

Comment Just messing with that last night and this morning (Score 1) 79

Anyone have any luck with WINE?

It comes up and it recognizes the select button on my PS2 control plugged into a USB adapter as start, and that's all that works. It ignores most of my keyboard input and has no sound.

In virtual box it has sound, recognizes my keyboard, but I can't do anything with my game control beyond cause it to make noise.

Just geeking - want a Linux version.

Comment The mobile browser was affected also. (Score 1) 102

I can tell you this for certain first hand. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my phone itself, had it not been a busy day there's a serious chance I would have devoted some time finding a better ROM even though Mean ROM has been been pretty good so far, other than annoyances with the Android browser - which is why I put mobile Chrome on despite them being so similar.

Comment Re:No one cares (Score 5, Insightful) 234

Hey troll, like Apple or not they're addressing a glaring problem by bringing out the retina display. Our screen resolution has stagnated and even regressed due to HDTV and the buzz word compliance of 1080i. I can only hope throwing down the gauntlet as they have will push other hardware makers to bring out their own 4K displays.

Comment Re:KDE (Score 5, Interesting) 234

Have to throw in my support here. Been using KDE since 1.x, I've tried other desktops but can't seem to use one of those without missing my KDE, and so much so that programs compiled to bring up GTK widgets (browsers) actively piss me off. The QT version of the file browser and so many other things are just more versatile and elegant.

Comment Congratulations on the epic troll Soulskill. (Score 0) 430

I salute you and your accomplishment.

You successfully submitted an article about the shopping habits of a very partisan president on a very polarized forum. A president who has very vocally declared war on the rich, despite being rich himself. Has pandered to the lowest and highest rungs while verbally admonishing the highest rung. Has screwed the middle class while vocally defending them, and you submit an article to a very oppositely polarized group bound together by a shaky but strong middle ground and asked us to discuss it.

This is in the same league as the balloon kid prank.

Comment Re:Put something better than Intel Video in there, (Score 1) 177

ZSNES is a strange beast. Running it at low res and no filters is generally pretty easy on just about anything, but sound may suffer. Increase the resolution (say for a non-scaling LCD) or add any filters and there's severe performance hits, especially where sound is concerned. I've done much better with decade old equipment with good hardware of the era than I have with mostly software driven modern equipment.

I would rather run a Riva TNT2 and a Soundblaster 16 with the correct drivers and any OS with ZSNES than I would Intel or most any other software driven chips with ZSNES or most 3D applications, especially with weak hardware.

I will say I was very surprised when I actually found Torchlight playable (barely) on my Atom netbook.

Comment Too bad, (Score 3, Funny) 108

see there was an obvious use for this species we're not going to get now.

We could have imported this roach and turned it lose in the US. I know what you're thinking, last thing we need is ANOTHER type of roach in the US. Well, should these things inter-breed with native roaches and spread their glowing genes they would more easily be detected in the dark making their light the glowing beacon that attracts their own demise.

I foresee a day when we will have roach hunting nano bots fueled by the very roaches they kill. Bioluminescence would have been just one more factor these bots, birds, bats, and the occasional shoe could have used to help hunt these creatures once their gene pool was poisoned by a virtual laser painting.

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