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Comment Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 1) 519

Problem or not I believe in putting as little on a system as possible to keep it performing well. If I don't need it, I don't put it, and if a library is needed I put a library on instead of a program. Same thing with drivers, when I download a 75MB printer driver I know less than 1MB of that is driver, probably 100K of it or less. I'm much better off finding that piece, putting it on the system and sending the rest to hell. As far as I'm concerned I need one media player on a system that does everything, if there's no iPhone there's no reason to put the rest.

Comment Re:why does your phone need software running on yo (Score 4, Informative) 519

I don't actually use Windows, but I do take care of it for others.

Hold down that little Windows key on your keyboard and hit "R". Type in "MSConfig", in the startup section enable/disable whatever you want. I personally like to disable just about anything Adobe, Apple, or Oracle puts in there, unless I actually need to run an Oracle component in the background. Those three companies can't help but attention whore and run on startup and none of there stuff actually needs to run until used. You can probably find a few more things that have no business starting with your machine while you're at it.

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