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Comment Re:Gee Catholic judges (Score 0) 1330

You and the parent both fail to realise that the laws trump your religions. If their is a conflict between the 2 the law always takes precedent. Claiming your invisible sky-daddy wants or doesn't want something is irrelevant.

You're just so full of wrong here.

First, you mean precedence, not precedent.
Second, the SCOTUS just saw it my way.

So, you can go suck a bag full of dicks.


Comment Re:KKKonservatism at its finest. (Score 1) 1330

how is the poster a moron?

I can't say for certain how he or she became a moron but the idiocy he or she is displaying is how I know that he or she is a moron.

Five years ago you would never think a corporation had a right to unlimited political spending in the name of the right of free speech of a corporation.

I argued that exact position before McCain-Feingold became law. If each of the people who own a corporation has the right to free speech, it's unthinkable that when they work together they somehow lose that right.

Last year you would not have thought Hobby Lobby could prevent it's employees from getting their Federally guaranteed earned health benefits in the name of a corporation's religious inclination.

1. No one is prevented from getting anything. Every Hobby Lobby employee who can get a doctor to prescribe birth control pills can still get them. Hobby Lobby just won't be forced to pay for it.
2. Yes, I not only thought but I hoped that would be the case when the issue was decided by the SCOTUS.

It really is just a few months at this rate before they vote.

Yeah, I see why you posted anonymously. If you had used your name, in a year, I would have waited to see you post and then replied to remind you what a fucking moron you are.

It's not going to happen. Ever.

What's to stop it?

The fact that to be able to have the right to vote, one must be a citizen and in order to be a citizen one must be a human being.


Comment Re:One non-disturbing theory (Score 1) 304

Solar/UV radiation on floating plastic degrades the polymers rather quickly.

Then the other side of the equation is critters adhere to plastic and their weight eventually causes the plastic to sink. You see wood in the ocean just covered with masses of barnacles, which would sink a small piece of plastic quickly.

Most plastics are also not very reactive in the quick digestion systems of fish, so I suspect that much of the small particles simply pass through quickly with no effect on the fish.

A lot of bogus arguements are "floating around" out there.

Comment Re: Classic Obama (Score 2, Insightful) 211

If the laws don't change then it's Obama's job to implement them as written - not decide that things need to change and carry out his own ideas. He may even be correct in that assessment but he does not have that power under the Constitution, so such actions are illegal. Do nothing Congress? Too bad, embarass them on prime time or whatever it takes to change things legally. It may well suck, but that does not change the rules. I realize he's been doing it anyway, so the point is merely academic.

Comment Re: A win for freedom (Score 2) 1330

bad business move, but good principle. We just got the decision that a black baker has to make a cake for the KKK, and that's very wrong. If some Muslims have to be allowed to be stupid to prevent that case, then it's OK for us to be tolerant of their foolishness - nobody says we have to like it.

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