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Comment Re:Raspberry day? (Score 1) 420

I have 3 of them in the house, I will be replacing them with real XBMC pc's shortly due to how fickle they are.

Same here. Some of my ffmpeg-created media files simply crashed the Pi's GPU (and no, Pi-ons, the latest firmware doesn't fix it). Every software player handles them fine, so over to XBMC on a core2 with an older nVidia card, and everything is great.

Comment Re:Agreed, XBMC. Your "server" can be NFS or Samba (Score 1) 420

I tried using DLNA with the damn thing too, running every DLNA server I could find for Linux (including minidlna which a lot of people here seem to like). No luck.

DLNA is embarrassing to firewall. Here's my config:

-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 8200 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 2869 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p udp --dport 1900 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 30000:60000 -j ACCEPT

I'm using XBMC as a DLNA receiver and MediaHouse on Android as a controller. For what I need it's much more sane than trying to use a wireless keyboard remote with XBMC's onscreen menus, which are hard to use.

I'm happy for DLNA's replacement to arrive tomorrow, but I haven't found it yet.

Comment Re:wait a second.... (Score 2) 324

Spying on foreign citizens is completely constitutional.

No. The US is a Natural Rights Republic. The Rights that the People have are not granted by a government, they are inherent in the nature of being a human. That's what the Constitution was trying to provide (but has obviously failed).

If Privacy is one of those rights, then it applies equally to all humans. That's also why it's immoral.

And yes, you'll find apologists for power finding otherwise. When in doubt, consult the Declaration of Independence which sets forth the moral framework that the Constitution attempted to implement.

Comment Code2 voice sample @4:50 (Score 3, Interesting) 37

This is pretty neat. Some high school friends and I were attempting to get voice working over 2400 baud c. 1990 (we wanted Internet phones). We never even came close, and thought we'd have to do phoenmic deconstruction to get that kind of data rate. This is pretty amazing for 1200 baud, even if it is almost 25 years later.

Comment Re:Ask Apple (Score 2) 277

According to the manpage on OSX, it's ipfw from FreeBSD:

The ipfw facility was initially written as package to BSDI by Daniel Boulet
<>. It has been heavily modified and ported to FreeBSD by Ugen J.S.
Antsilevich <>.

Several enhancements added by Archie Cobbs <>.

Comment "safe" or "dangerous" neighborhoods (Score 1) 162

The ACLU people should just use Garmin. I was driving with my SiL and her family a couple years back because they were unfamiliar with the area and she wanted to follow the Garmin. Its directions were becoming exceedingly sketchy, but whatever, until it wanted her to turn down a dark alley in a seedy part of a city with one of the worst crime rates on the East Coast.

At that point I said, "hell no, go straight, take the first left, a quick right, the next left, and take the entrance ramp to the highway." (I'd been watching the roads the Garmin should have put us on).

So, those concerned about offending somebody can just use Garmin. In the meantime, somebody tell me which map routing algorithms use crime data to adjust their routes so I can give them some money.

Comment Re:Freakin' Riders. (Score 1) 767

. I haven't had an incandescent in my house for a decade, but I'll be switching to LED. They're superior to CFLs like CFLs are superior to incandescents.

Yep, same here. I like some of the older LED's I've got but the new Cree bulbs they have at Home Depot are damn near perfect. I have a few at this point, but once they hit $10, I'm probably going to do the whole house (and completely screw up my kids' enjoyment of an entire genre of jokes).

Comment Re:When Vermont Attacks (Score 1) 197

North Korea and Iran are both relatively small nation states capable and interested in building this type of missile system. North Korea would like to end its stalemate with South Korea whether the US was there or not. In Iran's case it is to attack a country some distance away with which it shares no borders.

The model works well here too - break each of them up into smaller units until they no longer present a threat.

Both groups of people would be much better off without 'their' States.

Comment Re:When Vermont Attacks (Score 1) 197

Then we could have hundreds of little wars, like we had in the Middle Ages and Wars of Religion - think of the fun if Vermont and New Hampshire went to war, while California was busy conquering Oregon, And New York trying to annex Jersey.

Yes, just look at all the little wars going on all over Europe - why Switzerland is massing its forces on the border of Liechtenstein as we speak!

Seriously, though, the only reasons nations go to war are economic calamity or power-aspirations of the government. The more such governments drain their economies to build their arsenals, the more both odds increase. The reason Europe is at peace is prosperity and relatively unarmed governments.

The State is the cause of strife on Earth, not the solution.

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