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Comment Re: Some are more equal than others. (Score 1) 140

mod parent up, as we all have suspected, when the big boys lose it, then it is now called 'errorneous trade' and the exchange cancels that.

So start a competing exchange without HFT, without do-overs for the banksters, without trading floor hours. I'm sure the SEC won't make it impossible!

Comment Re:I resemble that remark (Score 1) 81

Because abortion is murder, the Supreme Court supports murder.

You're not this dense. Come on, now.

You wrote that "Roe V. Wade said" that "to protect the privacy of a woman we must allow murder." It didn't. You are wrong.

You can say the effect of the decision is that, but that is not what the decision or the Court ever said.

Comment Re:I resemble that remark (Score 1) 81

Nor anybody else who knows there are higher powers than the US Government


Look, I get it. You think abortion is wrong. So do I. But you said something simply false: that Roe v. Wade said we must allow murder to protect a woman's right to privacy. It did not say that. It said that abortion is not murder. You can disagree that abortion is not murder, but that is what it actually said.

Comment Re:Complete fraud (Score 1) 30

:-) AHA! Thank you! You just proved you are full of it.

I "proved" I am "full of it" by not providing evidence for *your* argument.

You really think anyone actually believes you're serious?

As we all know, nothing needs to be said. It is well understood who specifically benefits from 'local' governance.

Right. Everyone.

And we don't have to mention who you prefer to dominate. History has already told us. That is also well understood.

Right. Everyone.

Your refusal to answer is all the answer we could possibly ask for. The code was broken a long time ago.

Liberty isn't a code. It just *is*. Socialists like you want to violate it at every turn.

Comment Re:Sex change (Score 1) 5

Regardless of whether or not they think they are of a different gender, the fact is that most people associate gender pronouns with physical sex. To them -- us -- the proper pronoun to use is one of physiological fact. Bradley Manning is a he. There is no Chelsea Manning, and if there were, he would be a he. These are the actual facts, to me.

Now, if you choose to recognize gender above sex, and accept that everyone gets to dictate to the rest of us what their gender is, then fine, to you, "she" is correct and "he" is incorrect. However, how does it make sense that Manning can decide for himself his own gender, but I cannot decide for myself that my use of pronouns is based on physiological sex?

It's just another example of how the left is not pro-choice at all, they are only pro-choices-they-agree-with.

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