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Comment Re:And it's still not as good as Ubuntu or Debian. (Score 1) 202

There is several how to because everybody has a different view on what to use

There doesn't need to be a single solution for any of these, but having all the setup be manual doesn't help most users. That's why we went with deb/rpm in the first place.

As far as the choices - all of my clients just tell me "make me a mailserver". They don't choose the specs, they tell me the requirements and I choose the specs. Frankly most people don't care why underlies their tools, for better or worse. Of the hundreds or thousands of packages I use, I can say I've only studied the .specs of dozens of them, so at a certain level apparently I don't care either.

Comment Re:Too bad she is pretty (Score 1) 170

When did you last time see a pretty woman doing great things like that?

My goodness, did you go to college? Work anywhere that had employees? I've been in classes with, studied under, and worked with numerous gorgeous women. From that subset of classmates, many are doing great things today.

If you need an example from the famous super-genius echelon, the one that comes to mind most immediately would be Lisa Randall, though frankly it's the sapiosexual qualities that do it for me.

Comment Re:its not news yet (Score 0) 177

than a handful of irrelevant people who made a pretty website and metioned the Raspberry Pi

Hey, when I read this I thought, "oh, look, something useful to do with those buggy-as-shit RPi's I got conned into buying," and then I went and read their site:

Optional: USB sound card for better quality (the integrated sound card on the Raspberry Pi has an annoying crackle bug)


Comment Re:And it's still not as good as Ubuntu or Debian. (Score 3, Insightful) 202

They're both fine. What's more surprising to me is that both of them have completely missed the functionality that puppet, cfengine, et. al. provide.

It used to be that distros would adopt and integrate such functionality. So many of the Fedora 'spins' could simply be expressed as a puppet script. Having a well-supported "make me a mailserver" etc. would be great too.

Comment Re:Some things should not be.. (Score 1) 522

Your brain no longer functioning properly is not going to be solved by getting a new body, that will happen with age. Go read a science book!

When you replace the neurons one at a time with electronic substitutes (say, as an Alzheimer's treatment), at what point is Grandma no longer Grandma?

Comment One Less Deck Chair on the Titanic (Score 2) 343

Seems like when the Captain takes over for the fired manager of the engine room, that the Captain has given up his command of the mega-ship.

Microsoft seems headed toward a Titanic split where the board separates the company into individual smaller companies and, of course, all new CEOs of those new public companies.

Comment Re:Historically, NSA have done the opposite. (Score 2) 407

yeah, the conventional wisdom is that NSA improved the S-boxes in Lucifer, and at the time nobody quite understood why. Academic cryptographers later understood why and this sort of led to a ghetto legend that NSA people were mentats who were far advanced from academia. The more likely explanation is that in the mid-70's, when crypto CS was relatively new, that the people who held such interests gravitated to the NSA because that's where the opportunities were. NSA likely had somebody on staff who had studied substitution ciphers, perhaps done a PhD paper on it.

Now there are commercial and academic opportunities for cryptographers, and while still courted by the NSA, Will Hunting has had his influence.

Comment Re:Depends on the energy source duh! (Score 1) 775

You can also do smart things you can't do with ICE, like putting the motors right in the wheels. IIRC Goodyear's patent on that, which has been holding back the industry for at least a decade, is due to expire next year.

There are transmission losses in electrics, transport losses in fuels, and transfer losses in transmissions. Certainly many trade-offs that need to be weighed and it's all going to depend on the specific implementations.

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