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Comment Re:What a great man (Score 1) 311

How many buildings did Gandhi blow up?

Not nearly as many as Reagan did.

Who's claiming Reagan is "this generation's Gandhi"?

Gandhi was known for his non-violence. Mandela was known for his violence, just like George Washington, Obama and Churchill. Now that violence may have been justified, but Mandella was far closer to those men than he was to Gandhi. Hell Gerry Adams is closer to a "this generation's Gandhi" than Mandela.

(P.S. for anyone currently under the age of 30 Communism and apartheid both fell before they were teenagers. "This generation" is an interesting word.)

You're making the assumption that violence from someone you agree with is good whereas violence from someone you disagree with is bad.

No, you're making the assumption that there's no difference between "good violence" and "no violence". I have no problem with Mandela's tactics, but he's no Gandhi.

What about all the founding fathers of the US who burned down a lot of buildings and tortured or killed a lot of British supporters? Ie "tar and feathering" which we are taught about in grade school was not just some mild public humiliation but a form of torture that could sometimes cause death. Were those people brave patriots fighting for freedom or terrorists using fear tactics?

Terrorists (as in they employed terrorist tactics to get their own way) that rose up in arms against their (ridiculous) government. For profit. I don't think anyone would say Washington was that generation's Gandhi, nor was George 3rd.

Comment Re:What a great man (Score 3, Informative) 311

Was he still considered a terrorist by the US

It's so much worse than just Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher calling Mandela a "terrorist".

When congress passed anti-apartheid sanctions, Reagan vetoed them, and then actively called the Senators before the veto override vote to try to convince them to let it stand. Congress went ahead and overrode the veto, giving Reagan one of his worst political defeats as president. It was the only time in the 20th century when congress overrode a president's veto of a foreign policy bill.

Reagan still refused to enforce the sanctions against the apartheid regime, asking South African President Botha to call congress himself and lobby to have the sanctions lifted.

Reagan's successor, George H W Bush, included in his platform a promise to enforce the sanctions to their fullest extent, which he ultimately did.

Mandela's legacy will ring out long after Reagan and Thatcher's have been relegated to the trash.

I continue to feel Reagan is overrated. Mandela was the Gandhi of our time.

How many buildings did Gandhi blow up?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2) 311

That took forever...

That took forever...

Aww, was it upsetting for you to go through those 22 weeks his health and body were failing?

Imagine what is must have been like for him.

We wouldn't do it to pets

Comment Re:What they don't mention (Score 1) 393

Is that computer hardware has become much more reliable over time. In fact some business now waits 3 or so years before refreshing hardware. And personal is anywhere from that 3 to 5 years range.

3 years? Don't make me laugh. Most businesses used to have a 3 year cycle at tops. Most businesses I encounter are on 5 or 7 years of sweating assets, and the staff really don't care.

Comment Re:Victory at last (Score 1) 393

Disagree, they've changed the fucking keyboard layout and I will hate them forever for that. As a touch typist since 1977, and a computer keyboard touch typist since 1992, it irritates the crap out of me that they've swapped the left Function and Control key, moved F1 where Escape should be, and put Escape where you need to actually take your hands off the keyboard to reach it. Then the Delete/Home/etc cluster is messed up too. The worst part of it all is that there is absolutely no reason for it, so I work on this Lenovo fucked up layout and then go home and have to re-adjust to my normal keyboard on my laptop at home. Absolutely unforgivable as far as I'm concerned.

I managed to get a new T410s a couple of months ago to replace my old one which was literally falling apart. I'm not looking forward to 18 months time.

Fn/Ctrl is swappable in the bios, at least it is on the t410.

Comment Re:Smartphone in the first place (Score 1) 393

The latest craze, so I understand, is shaving off all body hair, except the top where if you are bald you should add hair. What for?? Legs was bad enough, but now shaving even the pubic hair is the in thing to do. I can only think this is an appeal to childhood. Innocently wanting to remember the good old days when life was easier with parents around to take care of things, or perhaps it's also to appeal more to those with pedophilic tendencies.

Do you shave your beard? Or keep it kept? I grew a Moustache for Movember, very itchy, and I'm glad to be rid of it.

There are plenty more. Do you use a clothes dryer, instead of a line or a rack?

Yes, means my clothes get dry and I don't need to keep an eye on the weather all the time. Drying indoors leads to damp (that moisture has to go somewhere), not to mention the loss of a room

Comment Re:Bad specs (Score 1) 275

It is one thing to say that the spec is incomplete, but when the spec is bad there is not much a developer can do. If you are told to make the wrong thing, well, either you make the wrong thing or someone else will be paid to do so. There is only so much a developer can do in that situation.

When I develop I embed myself in the business. I never lose sight of the fact I'm writing code to make the business perform it's job better, which means I understand the business.

The department I used to work for is an internal department in a $7 billion organisation. I left when they decided to bring in product managers, technical analysts, business analysts and the like, none of whom had done a day in the core business, and aren't even based in the same building.

My old department is now being downsized, and a new team that's (once again) embedded in the business is starting up.

Comment Re:It's about control of information (Score 1) 192

Not only that, but with digital TV, they know what you watch and when. With analog TV, they don't. Knowning who watches what and when is a very, VERY valuable business model - just ask Google...

Erm, they don't know who's watching digital TV either. Unless you buy a receiver that phones home, which would be dumb. DVB-T is as open a standard as PAL, you can generate a valid signal from your video card.

Comment Re:Well, isn't this nice (Score 1) 961

he is a man who has watched his father deteriorate and come to the brink of death while his own estate is pissed away for no reason but to keep him in this state longer.

You see I'd be sympathetic if inheritance wasn't brought into it. But then I'm a proponent of a 100% inheritance tax.

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