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Comment Have they tried (Score 1) 312

I was one of those luddites, however I was recently away for 3 weeks, and burnt through the 3 books I took quickly. As I had an ipad mini, I downloaded the kindle app and bought a couple more books to give it a go.

Now I'm not so sure.

Aside from the problem on not being able to read on the plane during take off, approach and landing (about 30 minutes a flight, 120 flights a year, that's 60 hours of reading time lost), they're very convienient

I'm still buying dead trees out of principle, but when I read these types of books I'm happy to read an ebook too, but I treat it more like a library.

Comment Re:Metro UI (Score 1) 467

Somewhere it helps to be ahead of the curve and not chronically behind it. Listening is good, yes, but who was Apple listening to when they created the iPhone?.

They should have listened to slashdot when they started with the iPod. If it had had wifi and more space than a nomad it wouldn't have even so lame, and they wouldn't have gone bust.

Comment Re:that explains something that happened to me (Score 2) 154

My father-in-law recently went on a police "ride-a-long" (we live in Virginia Beach, VA). He said that in between responding to domestic disturbance calls, the majority of the time was spent driving around scanning license plates. Prior to that, he didn't even know the police had the capability, much less the desire to track innocent folks. One particular incident occured that night when they pulled up to a vehicle that came up stolen. The cop pulled the guy over, handcuffed him and put him in the back seat. The guy was upset, and for good reason, which would only become clear some minutes later. He was the owner of the car which had previously been reported as stolen, but had not been cleared in the database after it was returned to him.

The problem here isn't the police pulling over the reported stolen car, it's their assumption of guilt. Handcuffing someone before you even talk to them? This just doesn't seem to happen in the UK. When I was young I was pulled over several times, once on the motorway, I'd been doing 87 (speed limit was 70), and I was talking on a mobile.

They pulled me over, walked up to the car, asked me to get out of the vehicle on the passenger side and come back to to their car, where they gave me a ticket (not a speeding one, but one for the mobile)

Another time I was pulled over with a bald tire. They let me park the car first, then again asked me politely to join them while they wrote me a ticket.

There's something in the american psyche that causes the police to be adversarial.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 238

But lately I rely more upon public transport, while sacrificing some of my convenient spare time, it is cheaper AND quite reliable here in (Western) Europe to use public transport, at least for a single person, who doesn't need to buy food for a whole family.

Well I get the train when I travel 200 miles to London, as it's far faster (3 hours door-to-door) than driving (4 hours door-to-carpark, then another half hour to the office). I read on the trip too. I don't have enough convenient spare time to waste driving all the way (I do drive the first 15 miles to the station)

Americans often use public transport too, it's called a plane.

Comment Re:game on! (Score 1) 138

finally i can play those new games that came out... three to 11 years ago.

oh a serious note, progress is always good. it's really too bad transgamming killed cedega but didnt release any DX code. i really liked cedega and yes, paid the subscription fee for it.

Excellent, there have been very few games I've played in the last 13 years. My "current" CD collection includes Unreal Tournament and Klingon Honor Guard. Not that I've played them for years of course.

I do play occasional things I my ithingy, usually ticket to ride.

Comment Re:Switch to Pay What You Want (Score 2) 301

Some music groups have switched to Pay What You Want for a digital copy (mp3 download) of their album.

I bet they will have much more money than with any other distribution model.

For example, Psygnosis band started with this model, along with other merch and bonuses for those who want extra.

Even if I'm not a big fan, I paid a whooping 8€ for their album, digital copy, because I was happy to have it DRM free, and to be trusted by the band which feels confident that their listeners will pay a fair price.

All this money goes to the band, this is at least three times what they could get with physical sales.

I'm fairly sure Thom Yorke knows all about pay what you want, and How much he's likely to make

Comment Re:Buying a blog...? (Score 1) 62

Presumably if it brings in ~$125k in ad revenue per year, it'd be "worth" about 4 times that, or $500k. I personally think that even with that much yearly ad revenue I would not spend that kind of money on such a site.

So you would turn down an investment that gave 25% returns when bonds are paying 2%? Free advice: you might want to get some professional help to manage your 401k.

$125k revenue != $125k profit
$125k revenue for FY2012/13 != $125k revenue for FY2013/14

Comment Re:Routerboard (Score 1) 241

Been using this one for almost a year, with no issues. Plenty of bells and whistles for the home business/power user.

Absolutely, no brainer for a mikrotik. I find the 951-2n fine for home though - I have 4 of them, lacking any cables between rooms means I use 5ghz on the backbone, and have a single 2.4ghz network for wireless.

Comment Re:Ethiopia Airlines (Score 1) 246

That's a good question.

Was this a Dreamliner that had fixes for the previous problems applied burning, or was this a case of an airline cheaping out and not installing a strongly recommended/required fix?

No, it's a racist ignorant twat

In fact this was the first plane that returned to the skies after the grounding, if this is battery related, then Boeing may as well shut up shop.

Comment Re:Accurate? Really? The iris scanner at the airpo (Score 1) 217

is the biggest piece of crap I have ever encountered. If you have a lazy eye and are tired, that scanner won't be worth shit. It probably also won't work if you are coming down with something. The iris tends to change over time. Ignoring how stupid and fascist it is, iris scans have been shown to be horribly inaccurate. I use the fingerprint reader to enter the US but I never bother trying the iris scanner to enter Canada anymore and just use the regular customs line.

I've had an operation to correct my eye turn a bit but if I am tired, I am going to have trouble co-ordinating my eye positions.

I often use iris at heathrow, it has never fail to recognise me on the first attempt, I've used it about 50 times over the last 3 years.

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