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Comment Re:Routerboard (Score 1) 241


Been using this one for almost a year, with no issues. Plenty of bells and whistles for the home business/power user.

Absolutely, no brainer for a mikrotik. I find the 951-2n fine for home though - I have 4 of them, lacking any cables between rooms means I use 5ghz on the backbone, and have a single 2.4ghz network for wireless.

Comment Re:Ethiopia Airlines (Score 1) 246

That's a good question.

Was this a Dreamliner that had fixes for the previous problems applied burning, or was this a case of an airline cheaping out and not installing a strongly recommended/required fix?

No, it's a racist ignorant twat

In fact this was the first plane that returned to the skies after the grounding, if this is battery related, then Boeing may as well shut up shop.

Comment Re:Accurate? Really? The iris scanner at the airpo (Score 1) 217

is the biggest piece of crap I have ever encountered. If you have a lazy eye and are tired, that scanner won't be worth shit. It probably also won't work if you are coming down with something. The iris tends to change over time. Ignoring how stupid and fascist it is, iris scans have been shown to be horribly inaccurate. I use the fingerprint reader to enter the US but I never bother trying the iris scanner to enter Canada anymore and just use the regular customs line.

I've had an operation to correct my eye turn a bit but if I am tired, I am going to have trouble co-ordinating my eye positions.

I often use iris at heathrow, it has never fail to recognise me on the first attempt, I've used it about 50 times over the last 3 years.

Comment Re:An insecure HOLE straight to the desktop (Score 1) 445

As someone who has been responsible for medium sized infrastructures – © 500 desktops - , as well as enterprise wide security, I will say I explicitly deny dropbox for all users. It’s a huge security hole. Without the ability to control, monitor, secure and most importantly log, it will never make it in the corporate environment.

Good. Yet in the real world of corporate environments people use dropbox (and similar things, google drive etc) all the time, because it does something that corporate IT does not do.

It's all very well saying "it's rubbish". Provide an alternative. Windows file shares on a high-fenced intranet just doesn't work when people need to get access to that document from their phone in the back of a taxi in Tajikistan.

Comment Re:All for cost saving (Score 1) 123

You mean F counters as in "First Class"? Even then my experience (not with BA) is that there are lineups. Much shorter, usually only one or two passengers ahead of me.

Yes. I guess I get to the airport at the right time. My last flight was sin-syd, and I arrived at t-120 as I had a meeting to phone in for at t-90. Not a ingle person at any of the counters, including the economy ones.

At hong long there was a queue, I just walked to the front.

Frequent flyers tend not to suffer the same way tht infrequent flyers that fly once a month or something do. t least at checkin. Queues at security, boarding, even at the lounge, are all far higher.

Try recently removed the people checking your bp at Manchester and put in an automated scanner. It's now slower than it used to be, but Manchester's profits have presumably increased now they've laid off a dozen people.

At heathrow they have "e-passport" desks. These take 15 seconds to clear the average person. They are manned by 3 people, and can pass 3 people at a time.

The manual border desks take 12 seconds to clear the average person, therefore faster than e-passport.

Iris is better, they aren't manned, tale about 15 seconds, but suffer from people who arent registered trying to use them.

In my experience, technology is brought in to airports to reduce staffing levels, and increases the time taken for the average passenger.

Comment Re:All for cost saving (Score 1) 123

Saving 2 minutes will make diddly squat when you've still got conformance at t-35, and close of bag drop at t-40.

There's that, but I wish they would design airports better. Why, when I'm transiting a counrty, do I need to exit the secure part of the airport and have to pass through security yet again to get to my next gate.

Because the country the airport is in doesn't trust arrivin flight security.

If you fly man-lhr-nbo, you don't pass through security at heathrow.

Some terrible airports like AMS and SIN have security at the gate in any case. There's a reason I connect through t5 on ba, not ams on klm.

I believe when flying domestically in the u.s you don't need to reclear security.

Comment Re:Computer science? (Score 1) 138

Computer science as much about coding as astronomy is about building telescopes ...

Computer science needs a computer less than astronomy needs a telescope.

I personally hate computer science. I'm a broadcaster. I make solutions to get things on air. Part of that involves writing code, part of it involves wiring up cables, bust most of it involves understanding broadcast and understanding journalists.

Coding is a very useful tool, more specific than "writing a report", but certainly less specific, and certainly more useful, than knowing how to "use word".

Computer Science is a science, for people with frizzy grey hair, that live in ivory towers and have little practical knowhow. You lock them in a room and occasionally things emerge that you can see a practical application for. It's essential, and it's all way beyond me. they need to know how to code as much as I do, possibly less.

Comment Re:All for cost saving (Score 1) 123

I fly BA a bit, 56 flights with them this year. I check a bag on almost all of them. There's rarely a queue.

I call BS. Either you're flying out of a very small airport or checking in hours in advance. You see queues are almost inevitable when the system requires you to interact with an agent. Just do the math: 320 passengers in a transoceanic flight, let's optimistically assume we have 8 counters open, so that is a load of 40 people per counter.

The majority of passengers aren't allowed to use the F counter(s). If you're somewhere like Heathrow (hardly a "very small airport"), the walk from the train to the security to the lounge takes about 10 minutes. Adding a minute to drop off your bag at one of the many empty counters you pass doesn't really add anything to the total time spent in the airport, especially when you have to queue up for a "visa check" anyway at heathrow.

I did once have a situation recently where I waited for 20 seconds for one person to finish up, rather than walk a little further to an empty counter.

Comment Re:All for cost saving (Score 1) 123

The idea is to further move the burden of travel on to the passenger.

Which is something I am gladly burdened with. You may have a rose coloured view of how things used to be but in peak hour I am eternally grateful that I can check myself in, print my own boarding pass, and until recently had to spend time weighing and tagging my bags with printed pieces of paper.

QANTAS already have this system. When I book online it is literally 2 clicks from an email to check-in. When I get to the terminal a scanner checks the barcode on my phone, I get a ticket, the bag goes on a conveyor with no further interaction required, and I walk to my gate.

I am interested in how you think that saving 2 minutes will do nothing if you're already not happy with how long the process takes? Improvements aren't good enough? We need to make it perfect in one go?

Rose tinted? It's been a long time since I saw a queue at check in. For economy of course, even once for business, but not for F checkin. Perhaps this will appeal to the occasional flyer that doesn't make oneworld emerald, but more the majority of us check in isn't an issue. Immigration in the states (over 2 hours last time I flew to IAD)

Now the lack of decent fast track on boarding, or at security, is something where time can be saved. In fact my last flight there was no fast track at all!

Saving 2 minutes won't actually happen in reality, as I'll still have to queue up (all flights from heathrow requirie a visit to get a "visa check".

I usuallyplan my arrival at the airport to get there within a few minutes of bag drop closing so this isnt going to help.

At best it means 2 more minutes in a crappy airport lounge. I won't be able to arrive at the airport any later than I do now, and it won't help deliver my bag any quicker. In fact it may well cause my bag to get lost.

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