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Comment Re:Allegedly Venezuela By Way of Cuba (Score 1) 536

very, very narrow definition in the US

So narrow that not even a serving military officer selling US made weapons to a group that had killed over a hundred US marines less than a year previously (Hezbolla), via a declared enemy of the United States (Iran), doesn't count as treason.

Ahh yes

Stan: In the 80s there was Cold War drama.

We fought the Commies inside Nicaragua.

Our friends were the Contras. Freedom was their mantra.

So we sent them lots of money for guns and landmines.

But Congress stopped the Contra money flow

Just 'cause they moved a teeny bit of blow.

But then a hero came forth.

His name was Oliver North.

He and Reagan went around the sissy Congress.


Stan (speaking): You see, North secretly sold missiles to a harmless country called Iran who would always be a grateful ally. Then he gave the profits to the Contras. Genius!

Stan: But the sales were uncovered by the press.

Contras: Awwww.

Press: He he.

Stan: Reagan and North began to stress.

Reagan: Well...

North: Nyaay!

Stan: 'Cause what they did was technically high treason! (But it was totally justified.)

Stan: North volunteered to take the blame,

to save Reagan from prison rape shame.

The truth he did bury with his hot secretary.

Thanks to her shredder, he got off totally scot-free!


He's a soldier!

And a hero!

And a novelist!

And now he's on Fox News!

Comment Re:BBC and NYT confirm this news (Score 1) 536

The BBC and the New York Times also have articles reporting the Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong on a flight to Moscow.

You realise all news organisations use the same sources? Certainly the Bbc didn't have anyone on the plane (not enough notice I guess, even if they had someone that could transit in Russia without a visa).

It's like the old tale, channel A report a rumour, channel b repeat it, channel a report that it's confirmed based on channel b's report.

Comment Re:Waste of money, period. (Score 1) 285

Sending someone to Mars is a complete waste of money in the short term. As is finding water or even signs of life on that planet.

And before you jump down my throat about bullshit such as Space R&D leads to beneficial offshoot technology, realize that we do not need to spend $100 Billion dollars to send someone to Mars with the offshoot of having a better memory foam for our mattresses, new flavor of Tang, or a more grippy version of Velcro.

$100 billion is about 12 hours of earth's output, It's peanuts.

If money could solve the energy crisis, it would be solved.

Comment Re:T5!? This aught to be as good as... (Score 1) 245

... Episode I? ... Hangover 3? ... Fast Five? ... Twilight 4? ... Star Trek Generations? ... Expendables 2?


Expendebles 2 has a scene where Arnie is not impressed by a smart car. How can you say it's a bad film?

"My shoe is bigger than this car"

And Generations had Whoopi Goldberg AND Malcolm McDowell, and is therefore a win.

Comment Re:why not? (Score 1) 1215

Well I installed linux when I got my current laptop in October 2010. Everything just worked.

I'm sure windows is fine too, I'm just happy with linux, been using it exclusively on my main computer for 13 years.

I do have a small windows desktop now, I use it to run a program called the dude, which gives me real time network monitoring of my offices from my desk at home.

I'd love something a bit better, with a better name, but aside from a bash script wrapped around snmpwalk, I haven't found anything

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 141

Some people find joking helps them feel better about bad things.

I'd say that most do, although many won't admit that in public. In fact, isn't this an established result in human psychology, that hysterical laughter is an escape mechanism in stressful situations, or something like that?

Laughter is the best form of medicine

Comment Sad news (Score -1) 141

I just heard some sad news on talk radio - Sci Fi writer Iain M Banks was found dead in his Maine home this morning. There weren't any more details. I'm sure everyone in the Slashdot community will miss him - even if you didn't enjoy his work, there's no denying his contributions to popular culture. Truly an American icon.

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