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Comment Re:Overseas laws (Score 1) 78

Lee was interviewed on Terry Gross and he defended his human rights violations

I am not here to defend Lee, nor Singapore

All I want to point up is, when you are looking at the map of Singapore, try look at which country is at the North of the island of Singapore

There, you will find a place where Apartheid is still officially sanctioned

If you ever thought that Apartheid is dead when South Africa's racist government collapsed and when Mandela was released from jail, all you need to remember is to point your finger at the map of Singapore, and then, move your finger a bit, to the North

Israel is far west of Singapore, not north

Comment Re:Pretty, but is it real? (Score 1) 93

Also, all the lines appear to be simple geodesics rather than the actual path taken by the flights, which would have been much more interesting to see (though perhaps a bit harder to come by). It would be neat to have a world map of passenger-time per area by means of transportation.

Neigh-on impossible. Obviously long haul flights tend to approximate great circles, however ETOPS considerations come into it, and jet streams move on a daily basis. I believe the SIN-EWR service doesn't follow the great circle (which puts it withing 143 miles of the north pole), but follows jet streams, flying over northern europe on the to-SIN leg, over alaska on the to-NY leg. The Atlantic tracks between Europe and the North East vary on a day-by-day basis for a similar reason.

QF63/64 JNB-SYD tracks north of the great circle, despite being operated by a 744 which can ignore ETOPS

Intra-euro flights follow air lanes. I know my semi-frequent MAN-BRU flight tends to fly via Epping rather than a direct route further north.

Comment Re:Pretty, but is it real? (Score 1) 93

Pretty, but I'm dubious. Looking at the US, it looks like nearly half the brightness is in a triangle with the southern terminus in Orlando or Miami, and going to the northeast. If brightness is mapped to density of flights, then this says that half of the flights in the US go from the northeast to Florida? I just don't think that's true. Florida is a great attractor... but not that great.

I think the person that gathered the data drew one line for an airport-airport connection, rather than look at the number of flights.

That means that LHR-JFK with it's 16+ flights a day gets the same thickness as JNB-SYD with 1 flight a day.

Comment Re:Eurocentric (Score 1) 93

Interestingly, as a child, I always thought that maps were the same everywhere (North America central) and so was surprised when I first saw maps from other countries. I paused a moment and realized why and that I was naive for assuming otherwise.

It makes sense to put Europe in the middle, as the split then happens across the pacific, where there's great distances between landmasses, and the split occurs on or around the dateline.

I expect America to put themselves in the middle

I'm surprised we don't see more maps like these though, which show what's near and what's far for a given country

Comment Re:Make metal ilegal too... (Score 1) 551

Okay, but kiddy porn is abuse. Not the same thing. It's fucked up that kids (15-17) get prosecuted for sending/receiving nudes, though. And I think I will stay away from your kids anyway. They'll probably try to steal my candy and video games.

I find kids are always on my lawn. I yell at them, but they ignore me

Comment Re:Why so late (Score 1) 514

This film has been out on general release for 8 days already!

Assuming that you are being serious and not simply being snarky, the article isn't late. Well, at least not for the US audience.

You see, if you look up the release dates for Into Darkness, you will see that the movie was released in Europe first and had a later release here in the US. It was released in the UK on the 9th and was released here in the US yesterday.

How strange, an a nice reversal for a change :D

Comment Re:Pot solves everything (Score 1) 212

LOL True. It can't do that.

Anyhow... I'm THAT guy. The guy that smokes and doesn't actually think that legalizing it will solve all the world's problems. I'm in favor of legalization and think that it would help solve *some* problems however. It is legal for me to smoke and grow now but I still think it should be legalized and subject to reasonable taxation.

In case you're curious, I got my card because I have issues sleeping. I still have plenty of trouble sleeping but now I get to smoke weed legally. It hasn't helped though it does ease the paranoia to imbibe legally.

I figure it would help lower budgets and stop us from incarcerating people for that particular victimless crime.

I'm the guy that's never smoked, never will, and I find the very idea disgusting. However I'm all for it to be legalised (at home, in public -- like on the street or in parks, it should be banned along with tobacco)

I have problems sleeping too. It's called an 11 month old who's teething.

Comment Re:That's fine (Score 1) 234

I understand WHY you should not do this, but quite frankly there is theory and there is practice. And in an era of long obtuse passwords I am thankful!

It's better when you work internationally. Our standard desktop admin password contains an @ sign. Which in most counties is shift-', but in the u.s. it's shift-2. It's not obvious which keyboard layout is in place (you also have to type user@domain, rather than domain\user, as \ doesn't exist as any key on the physical keyboard-mapping we have)

Password theory tells me that

Is an awesome password. 9 characters, capital, lower case, numbers and symbols.

It also tells me that

is rubbish, (or to be exact, "really good, if you put in a random symbol numbers and capitalise some letters")

Comment Re:Comments are ordered backwards, even on /. (Score 2) 135

Your link states
The philosophy of a design should be to minimize the amount of time a user has to learn the interface and try to be as similar as possible to other interfaces the user has used previously to avoid getting mixed up from time to time.

OK, don't do anything new, copy other interfaces. Great

It then goes on to say:

Almost all websites are like this.

So what it's saying in the second statement is that the standard - new items first - is ubiquitous. The first statement it states this is good. I fail to see the problem.

Comment Re:How the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Windows . (Score 1) 91

"On May 3, attackers from the SEA fired off phishing emails to Onion employees, at least one of whom clicked on a malicious link"

What OS did this nameless malware run on?

Malware? What decade are you from?

Send an email with a link to, they enter their password, you capture it. Job done. All that's needed is a browser.

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