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Comment Re:Screen resolution for laptops? (Score 5, Informative) 319

The reason the business market is "dying" is that the hardware itself has been more than capable of dealing with business tasks for years. With central OS updates by the business, they're all running Windows 7, regardless of what was running on them when purchased. So those "old" machines are perfectly serviceable for the business, and the businesses are not upgrading and replacing them nearly as often as they used to.

The same issue is hitting the home consumer market. Just how much raw CPU do you think it requires to run Word, email, a browser, and watch a video? That's all most home users do. Very, very few of the machines sold are gaming machines, and even fewer are used for CPU intensive tasks like video processing or encoding.

Bottom line: People don't need new machines. So instead of buying a new PC, they're buying toys like tablets and the latest whizz-bang cell phones. If the old PC ever dies, then they'll replace it. And join the crowd in bitching about Windows 8.

Comment Re:Art? (Score 1) 132

Twilight is a bad novel ofrm pretty much every technical view.

Really, bad.
There are 4 stones..I mean position:
There is good art, there is bad art, there is art you like and there is art you don't like.

It's perfectly fine to like bad art, but that doesn't make it good art. I like a lot of bad movies.
Of course, we should keep this is context of the type of art.
Sculpture that couldn't have race, gender, and had to withstand extreme temperature swings and bot weigh too much, and show to anyone who look at it that it represented a people went to space.
Inside those parameters, and considering the type of art at the time, it's a technically good piece. It captures exactly what it's intent to capture was.
Doesn't mean you have to like it.

So, if you don't like art, fine. Talk about why you don't like it, talk about it's technical merits. Don't go around and say its not art.

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