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Comment Re:Why is this a surprise? (Score 1) 804

The question isn't if you can make the exact same system (or as close as possible) for cheaper but whether you can make an equivalent system for cheaper, and the answer to that is almost always yes.

And that claim really just raises the question, what is an "equivalent system"? Someone might look at the Mac Pro and say, "I can build a cheap tower system with a Core i7 processor with a GeForce video card and non-ECC RAM, and it will play games on it just as well as the Mac Pro!" And yes, that's true. For some people, for what they're looking for, it's an "equivalent system".

But then someone else might say, "I need the Xeon processor and ECC RAM. It's much better if I have an extremely compact system that runs quietly." For that person, your cheap gaming rig is not equivalent. For yet other people, they have good reason to run Mac OS on a supported machine, and that means that there is no such thing as an "equivalent system".

In light of that, I think it makes sense that they attempted to build a system that was as identical as possible. The question, ultimately, wasn't whether Apple should be using cheaper alternative parts, but whether the "Apple Tax" is significant, i.e. whether Apple is somehow "ripping you off" with overly-expensive systems.

Comment Re:Is it a competitor? (Score 4, Interesting) 166

Open source projects have three competitive advantages which allow a slow but relentless domination.

1) available at no cost
2)project immortality independent of it's creator's solvency.
3)ability to be adapted to fit a specific need.

who would have guessed in 1991 that linux would dominate mobile computing like it has

Comment Re:Not too surprising (Score 1) 103

..but it really isn't the csi effect.

because csi effect refers to making up a face from let's say 3x3 grid of pixels - from something that it is clear to anyone(or should be) that there isn't enough data to make the zoom work.

it just doesn't work! now making a shoddy picture from 30x30 grid or so, yeah, but false positives galore with that too.

so for me, the study sounds just like they did a study about how to get headlines before doing the study, I bet a shitload of studies have been performed on low res picture recognizition already.... that it is a reflection they're matching from is merely a gimmick.

Comment Re:Preach it (Score 1) 93

All developing countries are underpopulated. If they were fully populated, they'd have a robust, modern economy and not need as much manpower and physical labor.

There is a reason why atheism and homosexuality are things only rich people do. In a developing economy, especially an agricultural one, more children means more hands to help raise more food.

The only bigotry here is yours- bigoted against humanity.

Comment Maybe it's the language (Score 3, Insightful) 314

Maybe it's the language that causes brain damage, because here in Canada, we have the Quebecois with that same perverse "protectionist" mentality about their language and culture.

Or maybe they just can't accept the fact that the days of empire are over, and that they no longer matter all that much on the world stage compared to when they were in their glory days.

What I do know is that protectionism and isolationism don't save anything; they just create isolated backwaters that aren't connected with the global culture and the rest of the world.

Stupidest example I can think of: In Quebec, you're supposed to yell "Quatre" on the golf course. The problem with that is "Fore" is short for "Forewarned", not "Four."

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