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Comment Which is still not OK (Score 1) 798

You should be able legally to force him into the contract ONLY if he use the data at which point you could tell him "you used data on date X/Y/Z at H:M we have evidence in our entwork". If he does not you should not be able to force him into the contract, because you feel like it, that reeks of being the same level of the mafia offering you "protection". In europe you would get slapped. Hard. I am glad I am living on the eastern side of the big pond.

Comment It was felix and felicette (Score 1) 89

"France planned to launch Felix the astronaut cat into space on October 18, 1963, but Felix escaped so they chose another cat, Félicette. The cat had electrodes implanted into her head to measure neural impulses. Félicette was recovered alive, but, due to an accident, the next cat in space was not. The final French animal launches were of two monkeys in March 1967."

felix is above a trigred cat, the female felicette black and white. Although I admit it could simply have been ignorance and taking a cat photo at random rather than archive photo.

Comment Same funyn story with french space cat (Score 1) 89

I cannot remember the name , one was felix the other I can't recall, a female. They were two cats with implanted electrode in the brain to be sent in space. Felix escaped, the female was taken instead. Funnily on the commemorative stamps, they got the picture of the female, and put the male cat name (felix).

Even when a female get an achievement there is a male to steal it ;).

Comment But that is not the question of the OP (Score 1) 386

The question of the op is about failing the preliminary test quote "Is there any way you can prove that your organization is not falsely debunking claims during the "Preliminary Tests," i".

This is totaly different than actively not setting a proper protocol. The reason I could answer that question btw is that on this is asked again and again and again. With a lot of woo coming by and stating the same question insinuating the same things. But if you look at the protocols (which are public btw) you will see this is never the case.

I understand slashdot is not jref, but I would rather see "new" question than question which were answered to death.

Comment I can answer that one (Score 1) 386

No it is not a cop out, because the protocol is negotiated and agreed upon by both party *before* the test, preliminary or not. Also the JREF make sure the protocl to be agreed upon is impartial, that is can be judged by any party to be failed or sucess without having any sort of discussion. For a dowser for example it might be "dowser go out of the room with judge, impartial person put a gold nugget under observation under a random paper cup, then go out of theroom , judge come back with dowser, dowser has as many time as needed (with say an upper limit of 30minutes) and chose a paper cup , then paper cup are revealed, then mished at different position and first step is repeated. To pass preliminary dowser must at least find 3 gold nugget out of 10 test , and at least 6 out of 10 test for the real challenge".

Usually a lot of woo protest that the prelim are not fair, but in reality the test are agreed upon to have 1 chance out of 1000 to happen by chance alone, and 1 out of 1 million for the final test. All those protest of unfairness are in reality from most woo just cop out because they can't when properly double blind tested show any special ability whatsoever.

Comment They are not asking (Score 2) 151

They are asking the facebook company. If the facebook company has a commercial presence in EU , then they better obey the law and court order. Again, as all in those discussion you have to separate the web site, to the company. The court order are going to the company where it has presence. It does not matter afterward if the web page is or, the company has to obey the court order because of its commercial rpesenc in EU. naturally if facebook is ready to abandon completely the EU market that's another story.

Comment I did test your keywords and they give google 1st (Score 2) 329

email in google :

first result :
Gmail: Email from Google - Cached
10+ GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. âZGmail - âZSign up - âZWelcome to Gmail - âZMobile
second link: Email - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

definitively an ads for google email

web browser give me wiki first , opera second chrome 3rd. then a shitload of web laden site like cnet, then at the second page firefox. How comes the popular browser is so far behind ?

maps google maps appear first twice wiki third only :
Google Maps - Cached - Similar Karten anzeigen und lokale Firmen im Internet suchen. Google Maps - Cached - Similar Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. âZStreet View - âZMaps for mobile - âZGoogle Maps API - âZMaps Help Map - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I call that preferential treatment.

Comment It depends on what you are searching (Score 1) 317

If you are searching something for which there will be a lot of advertising , like a car, furniture information you have to be pretty precise to avoid all ads. If you are searching for which there won't be much advertising, like say, "bose einstein condensate" or "walkthru of KoTOR 2" you will pretty much find what you want top link.

Comment Wrong date guys (Score 1) 179

It is soon the 1st January, not the 1st April. Except in comic book there is no such a thing as a mutant power. At all. Not even physically possible from the law of thermodynamic or newton's law.

What COULD happen is that somebody graft some biomechanic prothese giving an advantage like better muscle, drug implant or even eye sight enhanced and protected against flashbang, but that's nothing which could not be done by the "1st country" in term of military science. In fact I content a full mechanical device by the ease of removal replacement and mass fabrication make more sense. In fact I contend that it is probably the other country of the world which should worry about what the USA is brewing in their labs.

Comment They have no cause (Score 4, Insightful) 59

They can simply refuse the new term of service, and their photo will not be covered by the new TOS meaning instagram/FB won't be able to use them anyway. Naturally they lose usage of their photo but hey, so is life when you trust some random company with your stuff when you are obviously the "product" of that company. But i see no cause to sue the lawsuit will prolly be rejected at judge level.

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