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Comment You are not a sociopath (Score 1) 870

magine a world where a computer can always do it cheaper than a human. In that case, no humans will be employed. In this scenario, what is the harm in providing people with income via fiat money creation? I don't see much harm as long as it does not spend past the point of rampant inflation, and I sure as hell can see the harm in letting people go hungry without hope of income.

The problem is, our democratic and capitalist system promote more easily people with less empathy, or even far more sociopath to the top. You do not see any harm in the above and see harm when people go hungry. The problem is that those at the top are far more likely different. See for example how some republican decry food aid.

Comment Already hapenning (Score 1) 870

In some MacDonald i was there was a terminal you could put your bank card and order stuff, you would get a slip with a number you can present. The local worker made me very clear that if I order from that terminal, I will be the *last* served, they will ignore the machine telling them to fulfill my order until they felt like it. My conclusion :
1) The cashier are intelligent enough to understand their job is on the line with those machines
2) they are dumb enough to tell me I will not get food quickly and will intentionally make it slow
3) I'll never go again to that macDonald.

Comment Disagree (Score 1) 156

If journalist were giving the "analyst programmer" type of info and news I would agree. But at the moment frankly it feels they are giving you the junior first level tech level support (to continue your analogy). In fact when it comes to technical knowledge , blogger give you are far higher quality technical knowledge that the regurgitated newspaper and tv news.

Comment Again the bad comparison (Score 3, Insightful) 363

The problem has never been that it is a camera. After all we have phone camera. The problem is that contrary to normal phone or normal camera, it is pointed toward your face all the time. And nobody trust the light to really show whether it is filming or not. Is that so hard to answer google.... No instead you made up 10 nice strawmen.

Comment No thousand time no (Score 2) 246

There is no difference to physical entity to electronic entity. Or are you pretending we need MORE law to regulate electronic/internet entity ? No ? Then imagine if I was telling you this :

"Any door that is unlocked is not a free for all. Openning and entering that door is not trespassing at all. And he had no legal requirement to notify the door owner first. "

We have already enough law on the book. If youa re accessing a direct URL and manipulate URL to see what is not normally accessible thru the public portal by a link, you are trespassing. Any "but it is not behind a lock / password" is a bullshit defense.

Comment Re:Took me a bit to find thisAnd yet 3 decades aft (Score 1) 395

"The 40-year study was controversial for reasons related to ethical standards, primarily because researchers knowingly failed to treat patients appropriately after the 1940s validation of penicillin as an effective cure for the disease they were studying."

The problem were NEVER the first 8 years, but the 32 afterward.

That said , I am part of the (apparently small) population which think evidence based medicine is the way to go, and the "natural cure" "homeopathy" bullshit should be regulated to hell the same way normal medicine is. Why should they have a apss right if they CLAIm to have an effect. They should get the 10 years study phase I,II,III,IV , and all the burden of following side effect and adding them etc... But when researcher/doctor blow it up, then it should not ever be minimized. Again , with the tuskegee study the ethical problem were that 32 years after a cure was found , it was not sued to help those people, and in fact they were not even told they were contaminated, potentially spreading teh disease to other. At the latets by 1947 when penicillin had become a standard treatment something should have been done. And the next 25 years ? NOTHING was done.

In addition, scientists prevented participants from accessing syphilis treatment programs available to others in the area.[5] The study continued, under numerous US Public Health Service supervisors, until 1972, when a leak to the press eventually resulted in its termination on November 16.[6] The victims of the study included numerous men who died of syphilis, wives who contracted the disease, and children born with congenital syphilis.

Do not EVER minimize the impact of malicious blunder (it cannot be unintentional when treatment and help and information was *withdrawn* when it was made available in other area so forget the "do not attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity" it was intentional and it was done to study effects forgoing the health of the patient. Pure malice). As soonas you minimize malicious blunder, you give ammunition to the idiot anti vax, natural cure, homeopathic crowd.

Comment No it does not. (Score 1) 461

Firstly the airline industry tend to be very conservative. Secondely, I seriously doubt we are speaking of a 100K$ TOC. They say 100K$ to fit the device, which does not take into account potential downtime due to retrofitting. Also count that some airlines have fleets of 100 of flights, we are speaking of 10 of millions of dollar *just installing* not even infrastructure to receive data, tests, and so forth. In an industry quite strapped for cash. To catch data more conveniently in case of plane falling. When there is already a functionning *robust*, *tested*, technology, the BB. But even if you did it at the next maintenance, if you read the RTFA it states the streaming would only starts at abnormal events. Well woopy doo. It is far too late at that point you want to know what led to the abnormal event, because this is what you want to avoid in the future.

Comment That's different (Score 1) 482

The editor has data to reach its conclusion , the "fucking moron" (a term I disagree with BTW) on the other hand trusted an authority under the form of a "model" which did not have any medicine training and a corrupt doctor which not only did unethical test, but also sold coincidentally an alternative product and he has long been discredited. Those people *decided* to trust people which were not expert over the quantity of expert. To give a "redneck" equivalent, it would be like trusting some random internet "hindu" poster over issues of christian faith rather than ask their local parish.

Comment Similar here (Score 1) 110

When the exam was handed back to us to be signed by our parents, it was given in reverse order of notation. So bad note first, good note last. This added the benefit that the shame was not permanent (having it on the wall) but at the same time made sure our parents were aware of our school progress.

Comment Expert lie or are overestimated all the time (Score 1) 664

Look we had a "finger print" expert for which the case had to be revisited when it turned out she made it up on the spot, and we had a "fire" expert without any clue which condemned somebody to death. I am in serious doubt of locally taken "experts" for prosecution or for the defense in a legal case. The facts remain that this problem was mostly 1) old person and untrained folk 2) pretty much only in the USA.

Maybe they had a software version specific to the US, but otherwise it does not make sense that this did not happen *at all* in europe where toyota are sold by the truckload in europe, roughly 6 time the number of toyota sold in the USA (usa 150K roughly europe 850K roughly

Comment As an inhabitant of EU it is simple (Score 1) 197

I would rather be spied in EU , by people I can vote against, protest against, or revolt against, rather than by the we-like-to-kill-people-with-the-wrong-metadata-with-drone spying bunch against which I do not vote, and have no chance to protest or revolt against.

So : "go europe ! Build that network and root server !". and "go fuck yourself US & ICANN".

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