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Comment 700+$ per year ? (Score 1) 279

Look my older cat is 8 year old, and I paid 60 euro per year for it. About 36 euro in 3 vets visits 12 euro per visits, the rest was the price for , 2 vaccination, and 1 de-worming. My younger cat is 5 year old same price. Even counting the castration which was maybe 60 euro , how the heck do they cam eto such horrendus price ? I have to count all food, cat toilet stuff and playtoy to come to 700+ euro top.

Comment Gentrification for renter is the problem (Score 1) 683

Imagine the situation, you are working ahrd and do not get a lot of money, tehn suddenly due to company actively providing cheap transport to people better off than you, then area get gentrified. Your renter ask for more. And you get outpriced. Now in addition to having the *cost* of moving to somewhere cheaper (it ain't free), you also most probably have additional transportation cost (from your already small budget) to go from your new place to your work, and have longer transportation (thus even less free time). In other word that little perk of google worker, make the life of people already not having money worst. Of that perk was not there, maybe those worker would have sought another place to live.

This gentrification seems good on superficial view, but the reality is that for the local renter, it will *sucks* hard.

So , those protest don't look so dumb now you know what the problem is ?

Personally I am ambivalent on that, but gentrification can be a real problem when the lower class get bigger and bigger.

Comment Wrong analogy (Score 2) 332

You lost a $100 bill, but another one can be printed. In fact a lot of bill can be printed. A bitcoin is lost forever, and the number of bitcoin is not infinitely extensible. A better analogy would be that you lost (dropped in maria trench) a pound of gold. There is a reason we went away from metal based currency like gold, and as long as we are in an inflationary economy, fiat currency is much more useful than gold coin, sorry i meant bitcoin. *if* we ever switched to a a stable economy in the future, something like bitcoin would make sense. And only if it was not first-comer get all, otherwise there is noway you would get widespread adoption. Why would anybody use your currency if you hoarded it all ?

Comment Hypocrites yourself (Score 2) 162

keeping the data in EU means two very great things for me. 1) NSA must work harder to get it on their grubby hands , whereas with US firm they jsut need to ask 2) I can check the data and ask for rectification and so forth as an EU citizen, but good luck doing that in the US 3) it is much harder to market "me" in the Eu than it is in the US. My data you see cannot be sold that easily. 4) US law enforcement can pretty much run roughshed on my data in the US anyway so it isn't as if the EU law enforcement would be any worst

AS an EU citizen I'll take that convenience of 1 ,2 and 3 , and give my finger in the general direction of US firm and the NSA. Thank you.

So back at you.

Comment Are you dumb or are you trying to justify murder? (Score 3, Informative) 1431

Look I have seen *plenty* of situation where one person (sibling, friend, S.O., fatehr/son) put the hand over the arm, the chest or whatever. Those are gesture to *calm* down the person, and are in no way shape or form a restraint against a violent gesture to come. That youa re trying to use it as a justification to fear immeninent violence says more about you , and your *utter inability* to analyze a situation , than it says anything about the victim. You are the poster child on who should not be allowed to have a gun, just by the plain fact they can be misinterpreting normal social situation as imminent violence.

Comment Just a slight correction (Score 1) 510

nitpick : there has not been any study showing GMO currently cultivated to be unhealthy, but there has been 1) GMO made with nut allergene (thankfully stoppedby the firm before commercialisation) 2) evidence of resistance gene spreading in the wild which brings all sort of complication (but again is thankfully not an health problem, more like a crop versus pest growing problem).

But basically you are righ and GMO hater are nutter (pun intended).

Comment and more it does not explicitely condamn (Score 2) 360

Like slavery. In the old testament it even states how to handle a slave, and in the new it does not even condamn it really. If anybody really wanted evidence that the bible are a product of human within their time, then just look at what it excplicitely support or does not bother condamning, which we find today abbhorrent. It becomes quickly clear that the bible is nowhere near the moral guidance it is purported to be.

Comment Future can easily be stopped. (Score 1) 292

It can be stopped by a law book (at least in country where privacy is held at a premium like Europe, probably not in the US where privacy is substandard). And in case the law is too weak, since law book are so huge, you can still accidentally bump the glass off the head of somebody and let the heavy law book drop on the glass. After a while, people will start to get "it". As for making the glass innocuous looking, that would be a nightmare for everybody wearing classic normal corrective glasses, because you can bet we WILL be collateral damage. But glass being allowed and accepted by the big public ? Doubtful.

Comment People would freak out because of media (Score 2) 174

Every time the concept of dirty bomb is used in film, or TV or in TV news, it is hyped to the extrem. But do the journalist and media do their job to make people understand that panick would be the risk, and radiation not the risk ? nope. nope. Nope. Here is your media failure. Journalist informing people ? Forget it.

Comment Re:On Racism and Hate Speech (Score 3, Insightful) 598

Who *DARE* to say that he or she is absolutely 100% free of racism ?

I am not here saying that racism is a good thing, but to point out that RACE is something that is deeply ingrained into what we are.

It's in our psyche, it's in the genes, man.

And it is in our "gene" to also (as men) widely spread our sperm in as many nubile women as possible, them willing or not, and it is in our "gene"
  (as women) to sleep wizth as many strong men as possible. Yet you don't see women sleeping with any men passing by, nor do men rape any women passing by.

I am not racist. I never understood the concept of racism. So I call bullshit on you. Yes, some people have a little bit of melanine than other in their skin ? So what ? I am deeply white (I prefer cold climate so that does not help with sun exposition), but if I move to south california and go in the sun every day, my melanine amount will spike and I will get all brown. Despite the change of melanine in my skin I will not be any different. What makes me , is my environment, my education, my history. Not my skin color. Races is all bullshit made up by people to categorize other as inferior *on sight*. It has as little relevance to reality as categorizing women or men as inferior because of their gender. It has as little relevance as categorizing people as inferior by nationality. It has as little relevance as categorizing people inferior because of their belief. I am an atheist, but I am neither ifnerior nor superior to a catholic/moslem/Buddhist.
What makes you an idiot, and all those who qualified you as insightful, is that you fall for the trippe that race exists.

Comment It is even worst than that (Score 1) 312

Due to intensity of transmission diminushing in 1/r^2, there is almost no signal which left earth coded or not, and went beyond 1 light year before being lost in interstellar noise. The only signal were intentional high powered highly directional signal sent to in the direction of a galaxy (M10?M32?M52 ? Can't remmember). They amount tom maybe a few hours signal, and those few hours are the ONLY signal which went beyond a few light year still being detectable.

So realistically in all our history We emitted maybe at worst a few hours of signal a remote civilisation 4 light year away (or beyond) would detect !.

Arecibo was never set to detect unintentional SETI signal, we are looking for the same type of "we are here" signal we sent. As for the rest , they might be theoretical or even fantastical construct, but that's pretty much all we have, beside hoping that the spectra of the planet we try to observe has something special which makes us say "this one might have something".

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