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Comment This always reminds me... (Score 1) 1

...of my days at Wright-Patterson AFB, where there was an Atlas missile on permanent display in front of the old USAF Museum site. At Christmastime, the missile's nosecone, which would have contained a nuke if it was ever used, held a great big cardboard Santa face.

Kinda creepy, I thought...

Comment Re:Why physically damage the drive? (Score 1) 1719

Eons ago, on a TV sitcom called [i]Maude[/i], there was a sequence at a country club bar involving several golfers, one of whom was a doctor. The dialog went like this:

Golfer 1 (walking in): Hey, did you guys hear? Harry committed suicide!
Golfer 2: Hey, that's terrible.
Golfer 3: Yeah, he wasn't the kind of person to do that.
Golfer 2: Aw, c'mon, there isn't any specific kind of person to commit suicide.
Golfer Doctor: Oh, yes there is.
Golfer 1: Really? What kind is that?
Golfer Doctor: It's the kind of guy that when he does it, everybody says he wasn't the type to commit suicide.

Comment Re:Would never happen to him (Score 1) 2987

So you're suggestion is that elementary school teachers pack heat?

Mine did.

Most of the male teachers were WW2 veterans, and almost every one of those had a locked drawer in his desk. They didn't do that in the high school, because we were big enough to be dangerous around locked things, so there was a cop. In both cases, it was a quiet time.

Comment Re:How can this be? (Score 1) 450

You can't change orbit without attitude control, including deorbiting.

What gives you the impression this bird was meant to be deorbited or to collide with another spacecraft? Y'know, like going from no orbit capability to a FOBS or satellite killer in one mission? On-orbit maneuvering is several rungs up the tech ladder for these guys.

OK, simple deorbiting if they want to recover the payload, but that's doubtful.

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