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Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 117

No... Fullerenes can occur naturally in soot, like lamp or carbon black. Though it is true that certain fullerenes are unlikely to occur in nature, varieties of fullerenes most certainly exist in nature. The real cool man-made stuff are the perfect fullerenes and the ones made with certain atoms traped inside like gold to change some of the material's properties, but remember fullerenes just mean molecular balls of carbon. Unless you think it must be buckminsterfullerene (C60) or Icosahedral fullerene (C540)... But if you just say fullerene then it encompasses all sorts of varieties of balls of carbon

Submission + - Facebook, Twitter, and more on DoD Computers (

poormanjoe writes: Well it's official. AFMC social media access to begin 01 MAY 2010. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google apps are among the sites that will be accessible on government computers. Command officials said that while using social media sites allows for broader communication with varying audiences, Air Force personnel should keep safety and security of the network foremost in their minds.
Is this a "good idea fairy" that looks good as a tool now, but in the long run will turn out poorly.


Submission + - WI Community Intimidates 10 Year Old Disabled Boy 1

Anonym1ty writes: MOUNT PLEASANT, WI — Samm "Samm the Ham" Markstrom is a 10 year old ham radio operator in Mount Pleasant, WI who has cerebral palsy. Ham radio has helped Samm deal with his disability. Now The Village of Mount Pleasant wants Samm to stop operating and take down his ham radio tower.

The village board has been provided with permit fees, schematics and photos of it's installation. The tower has been inspected by professional engineers and proven it is safe. Also submitted to the board were documents proving the tower is well within FCC regulations. Samm's neighbors signed documents that they are not receiving interference from the tower.

Comment Re:Perfect place to finish my dissertation. (Score 1) 231

If you spot reading slashdot, you might find the time and focus to finish your dissertation. Seriously, reading Slashdot too much serves to create an Attention Defecit Disorder. Now if....whoo what's that! I found another open wifi network! where was I? Yea...Slashdot is like a bazaar of ideas, but you just went out for milk and bread.

Isn't that what MODERATION is for?

Comment Re:Increasing mortality is bad for business (Score 2, Informative) 300

The most-successful virus struck Europe in the mid-1200s, killed 40% of the people, and created a shortage of labor that allowed the serfs to free themselves and demand pay. Thus the middle class was born.

What did these viruses have in common? They were very virulent, killing the host quickly, but it didn't matter because their RNA code was spread via fleas.

A number of people doubt the bacterial bubonic plague/rats/fleas explanation due to the rapid manner of spread of the disease. A viral haemorrhagic fever, possibly airborne, is given as a more likely alternative.

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