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Comment Re:damn, i was hoping HTC would die off (Score 3, Informative) 179

I work for ATT and we only offer 1 sony phone at a time, especially in the last year. And they are pretty too look at, but just awful phones, that no one really buys, and when they do, they are returned rather quickly, and the ones that keep them are fraught with warranty replacements. Sony is not making any inroads in the US market.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 317

I work all over Latin America, and it literally costs me the same to go from Bogota to Medellin in Colombia round trip that I can fly from Orlando to NYC. Though my experience is germane to Latin America, I prefer to fly in the US, and it is cheaper. International flights tend to have a little better service but third world flights are sorely lacking. The US is head and tails above.

Comment Re:me like! (Score 2) 297

I work for ATT and have a Tmobile phone, because of wifi calling and unlimited data, which is still cheaper than my corporate discount, especially when I can use my wifi calling when I am outside of the US. Tmobile is not going bankrupt, they just bought metro pcs which got them spectrum and a shit ton of customers. Plus. they have roaming agreements with the T. But then again, leave the industry to use who know what goes on behind the scenes. But you must be one of our corporate shills...

Comment Re:backup data and replace (Score 2) 249


I moved from the US to Colombia, SA, and I brought two motherboards, processors, graphic cards, 8 hard drives, and two heavy duty power supplies, plus all the cabling wrapped in bubble wrap. I left my cases in the us because of the weight and the size.

When I arrived I bought two towers and put them all back together.

Depends on where you go, sometimes it is hard to find good parts, but you can always find a case.

Also, customs agents in other countries tend to "lose" things in transit.

Comment Re:Better Android (Score 4, Interesting) 111

Really, i am an escalation manager for ATT in a call center for ATT. My last few weeks since the Iphone 5 release has been about whiney bitches complaining that their phone does not have good battery life or connection to the network. God forbid Apple lied about a shoddy product. Yet I rarely get a call from a CM user bitching...

Comment Re:idiotic politically correct fears indeed (Score 0) 1223

Wow you do not know the history of computers. When Wordperfect was tanking the mormon church made Novell buy them. I still have a CD that says "Novell Word Perfect". I worked for an ISP called Verio, now owned by NTT, and the majority of our servers in Orem Utah, the church gave us hell because of internet porn, so we got the hell outta dodge.

Comment Re:Again (Score 1) 300

Actually, I live in America and work for ATT, everyone knows about Samsung and many Iphone users have jumped shipped for the note and the s3.

And looking around in a building where a 1000 people work, the majority have moved to android.

Comment Re:Comparing 2 different things... (Score 4, Insightful) 513

Really? As an old network engineer the mantra was if there was not something in a service pack, update, that you specifically needed, there was no valid reason to update the os, software package that was working fine, unless you needed the untested specific bell and whistle. Especially if you are using your computer/device as an integral part of making your living or running a business. Updates should be vetted for a period of time to make sure there are no anomalies which could cause issues. Talk to me when you have a client who updated their software on their phone and suddenly all their contacts went to shit, and they did not have the sense to back up to the Icloud or Itunes, and a senior Vice President at Gulf Strean is screaming at you because of his stupidity. It is not a question of what a client wants, it is a question of proper procedure. You need to find yourself a new job if you think IT is about the latest and greatest.

Comment Re:Customer focus (Score 1) 513

i work for ATT, as stated in a previous post, and the carrier does let you fuck with your device software, like ATT customers cannot use Facetime over the network unless they are are on certain data plans, which is flag created by apple, because they get a percentage of the cost of the data plans, and stand to make more money... not the US but Apple... And Apple rules at ATT is that if you want to upgrade before you contract is over, you pay 250 bucks plus the cost of the upgrade. But then I know shite about Apple...

Comment Re:Comparing 2 different things... (Score 4, Interesting) 513

i work for ATT which arguably has the largest number of Idevices, and as an escalation manager, I have to handle problems from both platforms. IOS6 has caused me quite a bit of headaches since its release, since the majority of Apple users are non technical users and do not live by the mantra if it aint broke, dont fix it. So they update from apple and it suddenly is the carriers problem.... when in reality any software, hardware update should be shunned for at least six months. As far as vendor support, when something goes wrong with an iphone that is an inherent problem with ios, the apple geniuses blame it on the carrier. Apple always gives a resounding fuck you to the carrier because they do not like to admit they are wrong. So in my daily workload I have to explain the "geniuses" are not geniuses". I run jellybean on a 2 year old Motorola.... Iphone users will update to whatever, not realizing that something is a beta needs to be fully baked. I took 40 escalations today over I)S 6...

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