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Comment Don't waste money. (Score 4, Informative) 635

No matter how much DRM you put on it it will always be removed. The best thing to do is concentrate on adding value for paying customers. Do an on-launch check against the serial number over the Internet. If no Internet is available up to X number of times then launch without it. This is similar to what DOOM 3 by id Software does. If the same serial number is showing up too often then ban it. Basically: you're a niche - put a little DRM on it, enough so that a normal user wouldn't notice it at all ideally but at the same time that just enough that it would need to be cracked for every version for illegitimate users.

Comment Re:*Stomps foot* (Score 5, Informative) 268

You totally stole my comment! I'm getting you shut down!

ACTA is coming into force, SOPA/PIPA will be coming back, and the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership means that if you even think of dressing up like a copyrighted character then you'll be censored off the 'net.

Here's coverage on the TPP from a Canadian perspective: here, here, and here.

The point is that Hollywood and content holders in general have all the strings in their hands right now and for the foreseeable future. Like ACTA the TPP is being negotiated in secrecy. Which, when you think about it makes it undemocratic just by it's procedure.

Comment Re:Far Cry 3 (Score 1) 332

I exactly agree with you. I'm not a kid anymore, I do have a disposable income unlike when I was younger. I have, let's see, 155 ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY FIVE games installed in Steam right now. I don't use a personal credit card on Steam, or the Internet in general but that's another matter, so what I do is go to a local store and buy one of those "disposable" ones. You gotta use 'em all up as best you can. Believe me: I have ton's of Indie game that I haven't even touched. I have big name games I haven't touched! Like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, MW, MW2, and World at War, Cryostasis, Dead Island, Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, Hard Reset, Medal of Honor (the new one), Red Faction: Guerrilla, STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Singularity - and all of those are just the big names, because I buy those disposable credit cards I'm always filling in the last $5-$10 with Indie games. That's the reason I'm up to 155 games.

So, it's well established that while I might want to play Far Cry 3 I, in fact, have plenty to play that I haven't touched in place of it. My backlog is so shameful that I keep telling myself I'm not allowed to buy any more games until I play what I have. Then I OCD buy more games anyway. Ironic, when I was a kid I had all the time to play games but no money to buy them, now I have too much money, apparently, and not enough time to keep up playing-wise with my buying rate.

Comment Re:Far Cry 3 (Score 3, Interesting) 332

It's not a case of "damage to be routed around": unless the unthinkable happens and Ubisoft does a 180 I'm not buying it in any way, shape, or manner - or going to pirate it either. I have plenty else to play and I don't want to have anything to do it until they smarten-up.

Put it another way: the extreme Ubisoft is taking makes me feel dirty by having anything to do with it so I won't.

Comment Far Cry 3 (Score 5, Insightful) 332

I really want to buy Far Cry 3. Chances are however I will not be. Because Ubisoft is no doubt going to put their "always on" DRM on it. This article is the exact reason that that is unacceptable to me. So, Ubisoft can go about all they want championing how they're "putting it to those evil pirates" (roll-eyes) but in the mean-time they are losing out on me, yes, the person who wants the game but isn't going to submit to their idiocy. So, I lose because: no executive with a testosterone problem is going to back-off and admit he has shit for brains. And the cycle continues.

And as Gabe Newell so succinctly put it: Piracy is a Service Problem. So what's Ubisoft doing? Creating more value in the pirated versions. Way to go guys, golf-clap.

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