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Comment Re:Thanks - great question (Score 1) 311

I agree completely, it's not really about the toys (tools) it's about the parenting. Any toy can be overused/abused/misused, leading to issues. A good parent interacts/guides/limits their childs toy use and doesn't depend on the toy itself to raise their kids.

I would guess that the vast majority of people who are critical and linking to studies, either don't have children or don't realize that they are recommendations and guidelines to be applied by parents as they judge fit.

I'm also sure that the same Associations and Societies recommend 30-60 minutes a day of tablet use, many of these same people would criticize parents for not letting their kids have 20 hours of use time. Which, because its *more*, would somehow make them Super-Awesome Baby Einsteins.

Comment Re:baby app (Score 1) 311

replying to my own anonymous post,

I also recommend the "They Might Be Giants" Childrens CD/DVD's "Here Comes Science", "Here Come the ABC's" and "Here Comes Numbers". They also have a number of audio only cd's such as "No". While he's still too young to pick up the content, he like to dance with Mommy and Daddy to them. I also recommend things like books, blocks and balls.

At 15 months, my sons favorite activity is mastering how to walk and the runner up is throwing balls/playing catch. (Based on current trends, I'm judging that he'll be a MLB pitcher by the time he's 5.) With blocks (Mega Blocks) he still like to "deconstruct" what daddy builds and either throw them or see if they will fit in his mouth.

As for books, he is particularly fond of "Goodnight Moon" and books with big pictures of stuff that he can point at and ask "Dis?" (this?)

Other "fav" items/activities: Cat Food, Daddys TV Remote, Where's Mommy/Daddy? and playing with toilet bowl water (when left accessible).

Comment Re:Post bigotry here (Score 4, Insightful) 1113

I wish that more people would realize that the Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the exact same God/Allah/Yahweh (The God of Abraham) they just differ in the implementation. It seems that the Christians in the US are ignorant of this fact and treat Allah as something other than God.

Comment Re:So which field of engineering (Score 1) 1774

I don't think that he's that far off base as if you're already predisposed to go with your belief vs science (as in you choose to believe in ID/Creationism over evolution) It really isn't that much of a leap to say: I'm going to use pig iron over structural steel in this here skyscraper I'm designing, because pig iron was good enough for Jesus my preacher told me so.

Comment Re:Define realistic goals (Score 1) 338

I dunno, I'm the father of an eight month old, work in computer security field professionally. When it comes to computer security, My rule-of-thumb is: It's not whether your paranoid or not, it whether you're paranoid enough. That being said, When my son is of an appropriate age to start being exposed to the inter-tubes, I'm either going to setup and/or . When he gets to the age where he can start circumventing that stuff, I'm going to pat him on the head and say "Use your new-found powers for good."

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