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Comment Re:So both and get it done! (Score 1) 954

Can I just point out that they pay *do* pay the same rate that you do. Our tax system *technically* works like so (percentages for illustration only....)

0-25,000 tax rate 35%
25-50,000 tax rate 30%
50-100,000 tax rate 25%
100-250,000 tax rate 20%

So if you make 50k and the rich man makes 100k, the rich man pays the same amount of tax as you do up to 50k after that he still pays taxes above and beyond what you do. The problem is the rich also have the money for lawyers and lobbyists to buy tax law loopholes and high-end accountants to take advantage of those said loopholes.

That being said, to try to avoid the crap that will be flung around this forum, I'd like to point out that I'm a registered independent. I support (to name a few) raising taxes, cutting spending, womens right to choose and responsible gun ownership. I'm shocked that we elected a black president before a woman, I'm even more shocked that nobody has tried to assassinate him yet. It almost makes me proud to be an American again.

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