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Submission + - KDE Akademy and Qt Contributor Summit Join Forces (

jrepin writes: "In July 2013, Akademy — the KDE community summit — will host the Qt Contributor Summit (QtCS) in Bilbao, Spain. QtCS is THE gathering of the Qt Project contributor community. It will take place July 15th and 16th in the middle of the KDE Akademy conference week (13-19 July). By co-hosting, KDE and the Qt Project will increase their existing collaboration even further. Holding their annual conferences at the same time and the same place will foster interaction, knowledge transfer and technical progress.

More than 500 upstream and downstream developers will participate in this combined event. This includes key maintainers and top contributors of both projects. The conference will cover many areas of computing, ranging from core library functionality in Qt and KDE to popular user applications used by hundreds of millions of users, integrated with cloud services. All this takes place in a highly productive atmosphere where we combine forces, exchange knowledge, and meet new contributors."

Submission + - Spain busts 'ransomware' cybercrime gang (

Kaneda2112 writes: MADRID—Spanish authorities on Wednesday announced the breakup of a cybercrime gang that used a “ransomware” virus to lock computers throughout Europe, display false messages claiming the action was taken by police and demand payment of $135 to unlock the computers.

The gang, operating from the Mediterranean resort cities of Benalmadena and Torremolinos, made at least $1.35 million annually, said Deputy Interior Minister Francisco Martinez. Their notices to victims were accompanied by false threats claiming they were under investigation for accessing child pornography or illegal file-sharing.

Comment Re:Catch-22 Doc Daneeka (Score 2) 162

It makes you wonder if we technicians aren't creating a new class of 'codeless' people -like the 'homeless'- those who fall through the gaps of the system, in this case because they have their digital ID revoked. They wouldn't have a way to get in the system again, because lacking an identification they wouldn't be able to use even the basic communication tools.

Comment The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (Score 1) 321

I can't believe none at Slashdot knows the hilarious 2D Goggles a.k.a. The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, a geekish steampunk in which Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage have actually built an analytical engine and use it to fight crime! (sort of).

It's more a one-day experiment running amok than a webcomic, as the update pace leaves us waiting for months, but what's already written definitely warrants reading it.

Comment Re:Would anyone really want to replace a dead chil (Score 1) 233

The only objective fact is that at the heat death of the universe, nothing matters. For everything else until that moment, human opinions are important; so I don't mind having a few subjective beliefs in consideration to some degree, even if they're biased toward my fellow humans.

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