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Comment Re:I don't want to be a Epsilon (Score 1) 111

Cloning is a difficult procedure to create an organism that's (mostly) genetically identical to a different organism. It will no doubt become easier in the future, but will always require more effort than the regular means of procreation.

Why do you think this lends itself to the creation of "slave classes"? There is currently no shortage of stupid people. In fact, the lower your requirements, the wider the selection.

If you're talking about "below-normal" intelligence - if we ever find ourselves in a society where it's legal to create slaves of purposefully sub-human intelligence, then we'll have much bigger problems to worry about.

Comment Who is Veracode and what are they trying to sell? (Score 2) 126

Leaping to faulty conclusions from spotty data is basically my day job, but it seems these people take it to a new level.

30% of breaches will be from SQL injections, because that's the percent they found to be vulnerable?

A certain type of attack will increase because they googled some shit?

What the actual fuck is this?

Comment Re:Maybe not daylight readable... (Score 1) 591

I still don't get the mirror display thing - are they cheaper or something? I don't believe that anyone would actually decide that "yes! the one where what you see is a) your face and, distant-second, b) whatever you're trying to work on, is the way to go!"

Am I missing something? The only matte displays I can find anymore are Lenovo T-series and a few specific Dells. It's just weird.

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