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Comment Who is Veracode and what are they trying to sell? (Score 2) 126

Leaping to faulty conclusions from spotty data is basically my day job, but it seems these people take it to a new level.

30% of breaches will be from SQL injections, because that's the percent they found to be vulnerable?

A certain type of attack will increase because they googled some shit?

What the actual fuck is this?

Comment Re:Maybe not daylight readable... (Score 1) 591

I still don't get the mirror display thing - are they cheaper or something? I don't believe that anyone would actually decide that "yes! the one where what you see is a) your face and, distant-second, b) whatever you're trying to work on, is the way to go!"

Am I missing something? The only matte displays I can find anymore are Lenovo T-series and a few specific Dells. It's just weird.

Comment Re:A forward-looking, positive view (Score 1) 150

Heh, that's interesting - one of my favorite things about The Culture is that Banks isn't given to aggrandizing "the human spirit" or any other such malarkey.

Without daily worries, the vast majority of Culture citizens dedicate their lives to finding new and interesting ways to get high and stimulate their genitals. It's a very, very few that have exotic adventures, which is actually pretty hard to get into, since you either have to be invited to SC or convince a Mind to take you along.

I just finished Excession a few weeks ago and, for example, the picture it paints of Phage Rock "high society" sounds very far from the ultimate expression of human potential.

Comment Re:That's a hell of a mutation (Score 2) 63

You're not getting it. It's likely that the 5 copies were characteristic of the cancer cells when she died - as the parent said, cancer cells are all sorts of fucked up.

That's entirely besides the point, though. These cell lines are not used as a model of cancer they're used as a model of human cells. Those working with them understand the limitations of the model (most of the time, at least); it's well known that cell lines are not the same thing as cells in a live organism, no one was assuming otherwise.

There is no new information here. This is a little like looking at humans and mice, noticing that they are different, and announcing that this "Invalidates all research done on mice!"

Please don't assume that all researchers are idiots all of the time.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 5, Insightful) 386

Oh, calm down. All this means is that you have to export your stuff, and import into a different, nearly identical service.

What do you want them to do, anyway? Swear a blood-oath that once they start up a service, they will continue with it forever?

If they don't think it makes sense to commit the resources to maintain it, then it's certainly not going to make sense to maintain a paid version - not everything is about revenue.

You act like this is some kind of galling defect in Google's collective moral fibre - some things don't stick, it happens.

Comment Re:Time to burn some points. HEY MBA STUPID PEOPLE (Score 2) 347

Is English not your primary language, or are you being difficult on purpose?

When people use 'feels' in this context they mean 'produces a tactile sensation'. We are concerned with this because that's the best way to determine the build quality of a product.

The devices mentioned feel (again, words can be tricky, try to follow along here) like cheap pieces of shit, because they are cheap pieces of shit - purposefully built to fall apart withing 1-2 years.

Physically examining something is pretty much the exact opposite of "subjective assumptions". I don't really understand what kind of "data" you're looking for, do you not trust your senses to tell you what materials something is made of?

Comment Decidedly unsexy my ass (Score 2) 347

I don't know who the hell decided that the only acceptable expression of "sexy" is 'round corners and shiny surfaces', but I hate that guy. Has made shopping for electronics a lot harder, unless you're super into stuff that looks like Apple made it, obviously.

That and motherfucking glossy, reflective as fuck screens - I can't imagine how anyone thought that abomination was a good idea. Seriously, what the fuck?

Comment Re:so before Sandy Point, they were idiots? (Score 1) 528

So one would be hard-pressed to argue that there is a positive correlation between gun control and murder rate (regardless of weapon).

Oh, what nonsense.

The US is by far the highest of the developed nations on that list. The next one after it is Finland, with half the murder rate of the US, and all Western European countries have rates 3 to 5 times lower. Japan has some of the strictest gun laws around (no guns for anyone, essentially), its murder rate is 14 times lower.

Sure, if you want to compare the US to Colombia, Uganda, and Sudan it looks great. It's also utterly ridiculous to say that the difference has anything to do with gun laws.

Personally, I don't think the US's #1 spot has that much to do with gun control, or that banning guns tomorrow would magically transform the US into Germany. But to say there is no correlation is just stupid.

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