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Comment Re:Wait a second (Score 1) 191

You're using the minority and claiming it's the majority. Over the air signals comprise approximately 25-30 channels in low signal areas and 45 to 50 channels in areas where you have good signal reception. Those are the "free" entertainment you're referencing.

Out of a group of 400 or 500 channels, 25-30 or 45-50 doesn't represent the majority. The remaining 375 or 475 are channels that I have paid money to be watching -- and they're jamming 10 to 13 minutes of advertising into every 30 minute show these days.

Lastly, your "free" TV will be substantially LESS free come February 2009 when you'll need a converter box (e.g., need to purchase one, as in spend money, not free) to ensure your antenna's over-the-air reception translates into a format that is readable by your TV. While some newer sets will deal with this automatically, the people in general who rely on free, over-the-air television are likely the same people who will not have a brand new, HD set in their living room.

That said, I hate almost all commercials. Some of the more recent ones have at least been bearable, but frankly, if I'm spending >$100/mo on cable (Thanks, Comcast), I shouldn't be forced to spend 25 minutes of every hour watching craptacular advertisements for penis enlargement pills and viagra.

Submission + - TMBG Techy Interview (gearlog.com)

Brian Heater writes: "Hey Slashdot, I did a two-part interview with They Might Be Giant's John Flansburgh. Might be of interest to you folks, as we discussed the role of technology both in terms of their recording and distribution, from Dial-a-Song, to podcasts, to Myspace. Also, Flansburg tearfully admits that he does indeed own an iPhone."

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