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Journal Journal: Mondays...

Well, not much of an entry for the weekend :).

On Saturday Jennie and I got up early and went around bits of the National Science week stuff here with my parents and their French friends. All very nice and very tiring. Still my mother hinted at some exciting financial arrangements so things could be good on that front.

In the evening was Improv curry. There is definately a critical mass of improvised comedians and we attained it. Jokes were flying all night and, with comedians, when the ball is dropped someone not only picks it up and runs with it but propells it somewhere towards the far-reaches of the Universe as well.

After the curry, everyone decamped to the Pub to have beer and festivities. After the beer staret flowing an ambitious plan was crafted 'Impro 24', almost exactly the same idea as the series '24' but improvised, back to back, for 24 hours. Yes, a crack team of comedians will risk certain brain damage just for entertainment. OTOH, it being May Ball season, most people will be used to random sleep patterns.

Eventually we ended up in the ADC bar talkign about 'Impro 24' and attempting to work out where we could hold such a thing. Ideas at this point were not forthcoming.

Around half-midnight Jennie and I finally moved to our beds and I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Sunday afternoon -- a good night.

Sunday was pretty boring, with not much happening and now its Monday. Wondering about moving desks actually. A nice one has just become available...

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Journal Journal: Comedy

Gig last naight at Homerton went OK. It was odd working with people we haven't worked with before - they are so unreliable. Right in the middle of '3 words' there was the biggest block I have ever come accross :(.

The audience seemed to like it and it all managed to come off OK in the end. Jennie and I commented to each other how snobby we have become, I guess we assume everyone is going to be as professional as Rich and Alex. Sarah was amazingly thespy at the end and gave everyone cards. Good god!

Marisa, Ashleigh, Jenni and James were there and seemed to enjoy themselves. James said he actually preferred it to Improwar. Of course I keep going over all the mistakes in my head but I reckon its fine really.

Two supervisions today which I'm doing the work for now. Should be OK.

Jennie didn't get the ADC job either :(. Big hugs to her.

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Journal Journal: Dropping off

Not too wonderful today. Feeling a bit under the weather. Probably perfectly timed to be ill over the weeked :(. Improv tonight which might wake me up a little though :).

The running order sent out yesterday prompted quite a few comments from participants -- mostly identical so that should be resolved soon.

I should also get around to replying to the e-mails about my article soonish....

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Journal Journal: Improv

Got the proposed running order for tomorrow's improv show through. Its a wee bit odd, both in pace and assignments, but then I reckon that because Sarah hasn't planned, or appeared in, an improv show with us before. There appear to be some stalling points on odd choices of games but seems OK. Will be playing with some people we haven't worked with much before which should be exciting...

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Journal Journal: Supervisions

Lots of buggering about required today. Need to buy some Formal Hall tickets, pick up superivision work and, possibly, grab some Grad-lunch. On the other hand I'm feeling pretty bad today. Might leave the ticket buying to this evening - I still need to find someone to buy some for me.

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Journal Journal: Geek cred 1

Well now my essay has reached geek nirvana (or maybe a geek nadir) and been posted to /.. I've been having fun reading the usual slashbot comments.

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Journal Journal: Robinson 2

Oh dear... Robinson has got back to me about wandering decs. Wonder how Jennie did. Update: the 'oh dear' was me worrying that Jennie didn't get it whilst I did. That appeared to be the case so, since it wouldn't be fun without her, I'm turning them down. It seems wrong for an actor to turn down their first job :).

Right then. That out of the way (and myself awake finally) lets see what I should do today. Playing with BrookGPU seems the primary task but finishing reading Linux Journal might be good as well.

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Journal Journal: Catholics and OSNews

Just come back from the Catholic gig and the workshop. The workshop was cool, some new blood coming along to play some games and fun was had by all. Sarah (the Whose Line... organiser) was there giggling away and writing notes, so Thursday should be good.

The gig tonight was interesting. It was just Jennie, Rich F, myself and Alex on stage with the ever-wonderful Mr Chris Webb *applause*. It was the first time we've done a gig with so few people and was quite exciting. The audience were mellow Christian drunks so they were polite but not too active.

Robinson hasn't yet got back to us about May Balls which is either Good or Bad. Oh well, never mind.

Finally the exciting news. An essay I wrote has appeared on OSNews which is exciting...

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Journal Journal: TODO list 3

Grrr. Konq. just crashed half way through this entry. I really need to get SuSE up to date. This is an ancient version of Konq. here. Update: no curry tomorrow any more. Saturday is the new day...

Anyhow. Today hasn't had much happening so I'll write my TODO list. In no particular order today I must

  • Send off New Hall work DONE
  • Organise New Hall supervisions WAITING (for email)
  • Organise a hanging supervision DONE
  • Sort out something to do tonight (see later) DONE (with extreme cunningness)
  • Reply to improv curry email DONE (by Jennie)
  • Merge DM changes DONE

In addition I am taking an improv session tonight to get some practice in for the Catholic gig and for Whose Line... on Thursday. Its an Improv week this week since there is also Improv Curry (pause while I add item to TODO) on Tuesday.

Last night I also had a curry, there was a special ent on in the MCR before the film (which Jennie and I avoided). We also get to know today about being wandering decs at the Robinson Ball. TBH I just enjoyed the audition so I don't really mind one way or the other. I know I represented myself and what I do well and that it was bloody good as well. If its not what they want then so be it.

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Journal Journal: Updates

OK, Catholic gig is postponed until tomorrow which is a wee bit annoying as it might interfere with the practice we're having at Kings. OTOH it will be great to get warmed up before the show.

Just come back from the autitions for Robinson Pirates and Jennie and I at least think it went OK. Ran out of time but then I think the description of the ending was better in their heads than it could ever have been acted. We also cunningly split the 10 minute scene into 2 or 3 sub-scenes without an obvious cut so as to make it non-obvious we were treating it like Improwar!

Jennie and I were in a group on our own which we think was better because a) the stage prefers two people on it b) we're all good enough at improv to known that one person != one character and c) we known the rules of improv. While waiting in the waiting room we saw the other groups making classic mistakes, lack of chivalry, NES, blocking and over-planning 'here I will say "you scurvy knave" and then you say "I will thrash you"' and so on.

We'll see tomorrow how it goes...

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Journal Journal: *yawn* -- again

It was Girton Spring Ball last night. Yet again I am reminded that I am an old man and much prefer eating early, having fun and chatting with random people whilst sitting down to partying all night, dancing 'til I'm sick or drinking so much I turn into super-prat.

It was fairly good. All the food was in one place which seemed a Silly Thing (TM) but the ents were OK. The stand-up comedy was mixed. Basically the compere guy was trotting out the same routinge for the n'th time and the comedians themselves were often one trick ponies. One of these ponies also triggered my pet hate. Asian comics that just make 'I'm Asian and people are racist to me jokes'. Yes, OK, they are funny and yes it is probably very good for the sufferers of racism to turn it around into something positive like comedy but I couldn't help feeling that if he were to wake up tomorrow a WASP then he would totally run out of material. That troubled me...

On the plus side, looks like there might be a random comedy gig on tonight. Lots of Catholic, and probably catholic Catholic people which should necessitate a little decorum on my part. However I'm going to end up doing at least one thing that offends -- I can feel it in my water.

Finally on today's TODO list is also auditioning for Pirates for Robinson's may ball. To be honest I don't really want to get in since my experience of working at balls has been less than stellar, as has my ability to stak awake. I think I'll be using it as a practice for tonight's activities though so I think I'll be a very comedic pirate....

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Journal Journal: Arghhh!!

Guess who forgot to got to a Computing Council meeting today! *doh!*

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Journal Journal: Mmmm tea...

Not much to say at the moment. Been wrestling with arch to attempt toget some patches from other people into my DesktopManager tree. Its hard going.

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Journal Journal: Excitement

Well Jane the cleaner just had an epileptic fit in our tea-room which was quite exciting.

Anyhow, got in late today after waking up late (could there be some connection?) due to exciting parties with Jennie et al last night. We all went for a curry then some people filtered back to Jennie's house to fist some monkeys.

Everyone appeared to have a good time although one person appeared a little upset when another person entered but releieved again when a third person arrived so she wouldn't have to walk back alone with said second person. There, that's clear isn't it.

Also, I've been writing up some of the interesting Open Source and Unix experiences I've had in my life. They will, of course, all go up on my website when finished. One is already but can't go up due to some exciting reasons.

Finally, Jennie seems to be doing well on RentACoder. This is a Good Thing (TM) since she has all but given up work #2. I hope it all goes well. Also Microsfot have effectively given her 500 quid free which is also a Good Thing.

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Journal Journal: Early mornings

*need coffee*

This early morning lark is hard going. Jennie asked me at 3am this morning to make sure she work up early. As is my role, I hid the alarm and set it for silly o'clock.

This morning was hard.

Never mind. Up now and in work early. Had the nice suprise of thinking I had a supervision but finding that they are all tomorrow. As soon as the canteen opens here I'm grabbing some coffee. I could of course make some in the lab but I'm lazy.

Talking of canteens, there is a boycott of it in college at the moment to protest over KFCs. This is an unofficial boycott and mostly because I'm a bloody-minded bastard I decided to go and have brekkie. Lovely and quiet.

So today's jobs: Meet Joan, Discuss Paper (probably), work out when Supervisions are this week, have a play with non-commuting exponentiated bivectors and possibly have a further play with BrookGPU.

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