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Comment Re:Opera CEO is a sales guy! (Score 1) 314

Please, rendering technology was the heart of the browser and now it's been flushed down the toilet.

So? If said technology was frustrating to work with (which we now know it is because they have to spend far too much time doing boring things like patching sites that keep breaking), then replacing it will boost morale.

How will it innovate? How will it differentiate? By creating a different set of icons on the toolbar?

So basically, the way Opera "innovates" and "differentiates" today is to be far less compatible with websites than Chrome?

Of course not. It differentiates with its features and user experience. The user interface, not the engine. The engine is a negative differentiator because it doesn't work on many sites.

Look at Dell (basically sticking their logo on sb's else hardware) vs Apple which actually innovated and designed stuff.

What makes you think Opera won't come up with new and unique features? Does switching to Webkit suddenly mean they lose that ability?

Comment Re:Good idea. (Score 1) 314

And that's actually the problem with Opera moving to webkit.

Sure, but how is that a problem with Opera moving to Webkit? Clearly Presto is not relevant at all to all those web developers, so what actual difference does it make?

Also, why should any of this be Opera's problem? Why should they pay the bill?

Comment Re:R.I.P Opera (Score 1) 314

It's a very strange sinking ship then, considering that they've set new profit and revenue records many quarters in a row now.

In fact, they really started bringing in the big cash once the founder stepped down.

In other words: You seem to be a bit confused.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 314

Maybe the engine made them different, but it also caused problems. Constant complaints about compatibility problems, for one.

What makes Oepra different from Chrome when it's using Webkit? Less site compatibility?

It's the user interface and features of course.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 314

Why would it become just a skin for WebKit? The engine doesn't even matter to most people. Most people will notice that all sites are suddenly working, and that's about it. It's the user interface that makes Opera relevant.

Comment Re:Sad face. (Score 1) 314

Now you're throwing in the towel to Google, Microsoft and Firefox(which I don't hate I just don't like), leaving yourself open to patent trolls and big business shenanigans

Why would they be more open to patent trolls when using Webkit?

This is going to bite you in the butt, you know it I know it.

Why, and how?

Comment Re:Opera CEO is a sales guy! (Score 1) 314

This will kill the crew morale; most of the dev's will quit.

Why would it kill morale? If there's anything that would kill morale it's to have to spend most of your time fixing broken sites instead of doing cool new things. According to an Opera employees, the devs are still there.

Opera may continue to grow for a bit; just like Dell did when it started to outsource more and more manufacturing, and then design to asian companies. (One of those companies is now known as Asus). But it the long run, having no technology, it will deteriorate.

What do you mean "having no technology"? How will Opera deteriorate by using the most popular browser engine? How is Opera outsourcing anything. They will be contributing to Webkit.

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