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Comment Complaining about defaults? (Score 1) 554

I'm rather surprised that so many Slashdot users complain about the default settings in FF4. Yes, they changed the toolbar, statusbar, tab location etc.... But every single one of those things can be changed with in-browser settings or extensions. In my mind, those aren't problems - that's exactly what makes Firefox a great browser. Isn't this a site for nerds?

Comment Re:Does it still have the AwfulBar? (Score 1) 554

I'll bite - please tell me what is so awful about the Awesome Bar. When used for search, it will quickly identify sites I've already bookmarked/tagged with the terms I'm searching for. It ranks my bookmarks higher than just my history, so I almost always see those historic sites first. Plus, I can use keywords to quickly load pages I use frequently. I no longer waste time sorting my bookmarks into hierarchical folders because that requires a lot of wasted mouse clicks when I can just start typing terms/tags/keywords into the bar. And this is bad because?

Comment Re:Yes...this will end well (Score 5, Informative) 759

ACORN has been exonerated of every single false charge brought against it.

The whole affair was a whirlwind media circus trial orchestrated by conservatives who didn't think poor people had a right to fight back against the banking industry.

Democrats may have their own skeletons, but ACORN isn't one of them.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to common sense? (Score 1) 699

I'm sure the locals and the municipality are saying "Why the !#%!%$! did we build these stupid trails if people aren't going to use them?"

I know this taxpayer is saying, "why can't our idiot local governments publish their routes so Google, Garmin, etc. can include them in their databases?"

This taxpayer is usually also saying "cut my taxes, they are too high." The connection escapes them.

Comment Re:Droid (Score 1) 510

You are correct, of course, on the details, but I would say that you're wrong on the principle. You have two meaningful choices on your presidential ballot (e.g. candidates who can win). It's like getting search choices of Yahoo, Google, and then a bunch of other sites like Altavista.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 272

Indeed. This would be a great xkcd cartoon.

Slashdot nerd: "The sex detection part is some fairly trivial signal processing. You need a band pass filter with a passband of about 0.5-3 Hz (at a guess; better numbers exist, but I haven't tried googling them). Then you need to detect extended signal within that band; there are a variety of options for this, any of which are likely to work."

Normal person: "obviously this is a big joke, since he doesn't have to prove to anyone that he's done anything more than set up a Twitter account."

Comment Re:Not defective by design (Score 1) 371

Two thoughts:
1) This is a great explanation of why bandwidth-constrained networks have limits and why a wireless/cable/DSL network can never really offer unlimited service.
2) I'm not sure if FiOS operates under such escalating cost structure. My understanding is that the capacity of the cable is ridiculous, and that it's only on the ends that you have to upgrade.

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