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Comment Re:Wait, what?? (Score 4, Informative) 91

The system is brand new and it seems the app store service provider still has some details to work out about the licensing.

Liz, the head of the Raspbery Pi foundation, is aware of the issue and has already directly addressed it by saying there will be a fix in place by tomorrow to allow the app publishers to properly list the license their software is offered under.

For reference, here is Liz's statement to that effect:

Comment Re:256 is not enough (Score 1) 125

It still does not say desktop replacement. It says it can be used for some of the things you would do with a desktop, that is a big difference from saying it can replace your desktop.

My 256meg Pi runs XBMC great, it surprised the heck out of me. But that was not what I bought it for and is not what I use it for so it was just an added bonus.

I will be buying one of the new 512 Model B boards to be a media player for sure.

I might get a model A board to use for an embedded application as I do not really need an RJ45 port and I find the only thing I use the USB for is a wifi dongle as I run my existing board headless anyway.

Comment Re:Limited, nagging free service. (Score 1) 451

If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting they offer a shitty support option for free.

That is a mistake, then they will just think your support is shitty and not worth paying for.

Always provide your best support, always.

As mentioned up thread, they only question you answer for free is "How do I access your paid support?"

Comment Re:No Death Penalty (Score 3, Informative) 379

There are plenty of states that have the sentence "life without parole" my state of Michigan being one of them.

It works pretty well. There is no parole, no getting out, end of story.

It is the automatic sentence required by law if one is convicted of pre meditated murder in Michigan, no exceptions.

Comment Re:For off-grid homes (Score 1) 198

Solar panels are very typically guaranteed for 80% output at 25 years of age so they do not need to be replaced 'regularly' by typical definitions of regularly.

Batteries you are looking at 10 year life cycles, which might come a little closer regular replacement. However, even that can often go to 15 year cycles with a properly sized and used string of batteries.

Comment Re:Union logic? (Score 2) 674

This had little to do with unions.

This is just typical vulture capitalism. Hedge funds bought the company, loaded it with debt to repay the 1 percenters and are now selling off the corpse and union busting all in one smooth move.

Please read and learn instead of playing into the hands of those that would pit workers against workers.

Comment fMRI has problems (Score 5, Interesting) 202

fMRI has problems and is very subject to interpretation, misuse and manipulation.

For example the now classic dead fish fMRI tests:

I am very skeptical of this until it has been repeated, tested and evaluated in other settings by different researchers.

For some reason when reading the story, it really reminded me of "facilitated communication" which is a terrible, cruel scam non-communicative and vegetative or near vegetative state people are subject to. I realize this is different, but really not very different.

Comment Re:That's a pretty feeble stab at the race card (Score 3, Insightful) 1163

The reason it smacks of racism is because we had 8 years of exactly what you are describing under a white President and everyone who is now complaining about it was perfectly happy with it when it was a white guy doing it.

Funny how all those things are now a problem when they were not a problem at all, in fact you were unAmerican if you said they were a problem, during the Bush II administration.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 82

I take exception to your statement the government can not keep secrets.

The CIA has a budget estimated at 10's of billions dollars per year. The Military intelligence agencies probably at least that much as well. They obviously do something with that money.

How many intel related operations and actions can you directly cite that are confirmed or well known to be intel. operations?

They manage to keep their day to day operations around the world pretty well secret I feel. And have for many years.

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