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Comment suduko v crossword puzzle (Score 3, Interesting) 168

Leave a crossword for half and hour come back and it seems your brain has been in action while you were away - revealing new clues No such faculty seems to assist sudoku - it's harder when you start up again - (YMMV) A basic Math/Language difference? Test material: (hope these links link!)

Comment 3Damage (Score 1) 132

IRC the problem for any 3D screen-based system is the fact that
your eyes need to both

1) focus on the screen while simultaneously

2) converging (right and left eyes pointing) to a locus behind (or of the screen).

This is an unnatural thing to do - a bit like crossing your eyes without noticing.
If you do it for a long time it has a lasting aftereffect where you can't see real world distances properly for some hours afterwards.

If your eyes are still learning to make sense of the world (like children's) they can be fooled in learning wrong things about the world - such as it is normal to focus at one depth and converge at another - thus doing permanent damage

As first commented by me here:

Comment To Err is Human - To Forgive Is Divine (Score 1) 311

This was news back in 2005 Practical Application of Optical Illusions: errare humanum est.

As a failing peculiar to animate visual systems, visual illusions might be used to distinguish humans from "computer bots" ... This approach inverts, and complements, the logic of the Turing test: not requiring evidence of an intelligent capacity equivalent to that of human beings, but rather that of a characteristic human failing.

Submission + - I fought the Law n' Science won! (

Forget4it writes: "The science writer Simon Singh has won a landmark victory at the Court of Appeal in London giving stronger free speech protection to writers facing libel threats for raising issues of scientific controversy." the BMJ reports.

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