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Comment Re:No legitimate use (Score 2) 374

There's a pretty simple example that proves you wrong, you even mentioned it in your post: Japan's warning system.

Here's a pretty good article about it: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2059780,00.html

In principle, I think this is a very good idea. I'm not American and I wish we (Canada) had something like this in place, I think it's stupid the US doesn't yet. Everyone here is raging about the privacy / spam concerns, but do you really think that'll end up being a problem? It'll be a one way push and they'll use it for emergency services (I hope). You don't see people turning on the old school TV emergency tone / message for political spam do you?

In today's world of instant communications, it seems silly to not have a way for the government to send out emergency notifications quickly.

Comment Re:VMware shows its PR colors. (Score 2) 215

Agreed. They seem to treat it as some magical instance where touching the keyboard breaks things, as though this was written by someone's grandmother.

How did one engineer touching a keyboard when he shouldn't, take everything down? I don't think I could do this at work unless I was really trying hard. This is a really shitty response, especially compared to the writeup that amazon put out.

Comment Not required, just makes it easier. (Score 1) 174

Long story short: It makes it easier, but it's not required. If they've got it, they can just copy the call at the switch level. If they don't, they can: Install software on the persons phone, sniff + break the radio waves, bribe a telco employee, plant software on the towers (see http://www.dmst.aueb.gr/dds/pubs/jrnl/2007-Spectrum-AA/html/PS07.pdf - really interesting read), or i'm sure they've got more methods.

Cell phone's aren't secure.

Comment Story link color is hard to find (Score 1) 2254

Hopefully you're actually reading these, I agree mostly with the other people who say too much white space and lack of contract (could use some black lines somewhere, i dunno, it just feels bland). Biggest thing I've noticed is link color.... on my dell laptop which is "color calibrated" with an external spyder the light blue of the links do NOT stand out against the gray of the text. The first story I tried to read I had difficulty finding the link in the text until I knew what to look for.

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