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Comment Re:hipaa violation? (Score 1) 472

No, HIPPA definitely covers your employer. In fact I as a manager can not discuss the reason that any of my reports are on medical leave with anyone but my direct supervisor and HR. Now, I don't think the fact that you have coverage is covered PHI, but the broader statement that HIPPA doesn't apply to employers is false.

Comment Re:Affordable Laser Printers (Score 1) 266

I paid $350 for my Brother color laser all-in-one, a set of OEM toner carts: $200 and they're only good for 1400-1200 pages at 10% coverage. I can buy a refill kit with two black and all the color refills for $50, that's a significant difference and even if the original carts give out after a few refills I've still saved the cost of the printer.

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

If you're talking about the CRA (it normally is when people talk about coercing banks into making loans), analysis shows that CRA loans had lower default and delinquency rates than conventional prime loans in the same markets. Lots of people like to blame the CRA for the housing crisis, it really was a non-factor, in fact that only federal program that significantly contributed to the problem was the Fannie/Freddie mortgage backed security program, and that only because the loan quality was opaque and in many cases fraudulent. It will be interesting to see what happens to the McGraw Hill suit announced today, the rating agencies should all probably be shut down and the management that allowed one of the largest frauds in history should be in irons.

Comment Re:You Gotta' be KIDDIN" me! (Score 4, Informative) 67

Yep, Virgin Mobile is great, though the new best value for most folks is probably Republic Wireless, $19/month for unlimited text, talk, data. The deal is they use VoIP and WiFi for the vast majority of their users traffic, they handoff to Sprint and then Verizon only if you don't have a WiFi network available. The downside of this is that they only offer one phone and it's running Android 2.3 and since it took them 9+ months to get that working reliably it will be a bit before they do a new phone on ICS/JB.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Insightful) 203

Yep, look at the cost per Mbps for colo bandwidth versus last mile, they were on a roughly parallel trajectory until the media companies bought up the cable companies and decided to increase costs to protect their existing models, they can only do that because in most markets they have a monopoly/duopoly position, give them some real competition and suddenly things get back on track.

Comment Re:Please include flash! (Score 0) 181

Ditto, I didn't move to Chrome until AdBlock Pro and Flashblock worked properly, which lucky for Google coincided with the Firefox team deciding that breaking the UI and 10-20% of plugins every few weeks was acceptable. I've played with Firefox again since things got back to a normal change of pace but I just haven't felt that I gained anything so I stick with Chrome due to better integration between desktop and mobile.

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