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Comment Re:VB.NET ? Seriously ? (Score 1) 418

I do both Java and C#/ASP.NET/MVC4 projects, and I have to say, Java is terrible. I never want to touch it again.

Rag on .NET and Microsoft all you want, but I swear, C# is a very powerful and easy to use language, and Visual Studio is an amazing IDE. If you truly disagree with that, I'd love to see a logical and concise argument on the specific points that you hate about it.

Comment I call bullshit on Ars Technica (Score 4, Informative) 446

If this was "made public" today, why is there so many articles from August 20th, when it was submitted? This is total bullshit, posted by Ars, just to try and get publicity with the iPhone 5 release tomorrow.

And for the record, I am not an Apple apologist, and I own a Galaxy S3. But I mean, bullshit is bullshit.

Comment This is great for the USA (Score 0) 622

I've been watching the protests unfold all day, and I have to say, watching (a few) barbaric idiots kill and riot over a video (that I watched) is intensely irritating.

I'm not a US citizen, and I've been pretty hard on the US about their government and decisions, and the wars they have fought. But honestly, as of today, I would strongly support any military reaction they have to these kind of ridiculousness.

Judging by comments I see on all of the west's news posts about these events, I am not alone. The west is finally starting to get pissed off with these cry-babies. Thank you YouTube for leaving this on, and the US should embrace it as a symbol of free speech, and use it as a rallying point to get support for more war. Even if that war is simply to further political and corporate ambition. I mean, why not?

Comment Re:Oh, FFS (Score 1, Insightful) 813

When you die, and die you shall, nothing you did in this life will have mattered anyways. And, as nothingness, you will not notice the passage of the infinite.

I am still confused at people's grip on life. We are here, we enjoy it. But this, unsavory fear of death, is very odd to me.

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