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Comment Re:Quality of years, not quantity (Score 1) 1063

A sedentary obese life is not a higher quality. They live like that because they can't overcome their urges, or live in an environment which promotes poor health. They don't make an informed decision to be unfit, and most would be healthy if they could. Bad food isn't tastier either, it's usually incredibly bland with most if not all of the flavour coming from salt, sugar and grease. That's why people eat so much of it, it doesn't have the rich flavours to satisfy with smaller portions, and it's so lacking in nutrition the brain keeps you wanting more food because it doesn't think you've eaten.

Comment Re:Yeah, but we're very productive (Score 1) 1063

GDP per hour worked isn't a measure of a worker's productivity, it's a measure of the productivity of the economy as a whole. The US, with its vast natural advantages, big companies and huge single market has efficiency gains which give it a large GDP even though its workers are less efficient than Europeans working at smaller companies with smaller markets.

And those GDP figures include non-productive economic activities like patent trolling, ambulance chasing and continually knocking down and rebuilding stadiums at public expense, all of which add to GDP but don't make the country better off.

Comment Re:Yeah, but we're very productive (Score 1) 1063

The working environment in Europe is much more professional than the US where they spend a lot of time chatting and browsing the web. A German would consider an American office to be a giant adult daycare centre.

If anything, with such a laid-back working environment where you spend all day reading Dilbert and talking about the baseball game, you should be less stressed than a European who has to go to work and concentrate in silence all day.

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