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Comment Re:Hey Google and Apple! (Score 1) 653

That's the thing though, they don't spend their money. They live at Google, eat at Google, do their laundry at Google, do their shopping online at Google, go to the gym at Google, go for coffee at Google. These people are of no economic value to anywhere, all they do is force up property costs so people who actually spend money in the town can no longer afford to live there.

Comment Re:You miss the point. (Score 1) 653

Yeah, if the US were a third-world country, there'd be homeless people living in tent cities, and record numbers of people going to food banks because they can't afford to eat. Millions of people would have little to no access to healthcare. There'd be millions of disenfranchised minorities locked up under political laws whilst kids of the ruling clan can drink drive and run down a load of innocent people and get away with it because they're rich and well-connected. The rich would have to live in gated commuties with armed watchmen stalking and shooting any poor people who wandered past, such is the level of paranoia.

I don't know if you've ever been to the third world, but they have TVs and phones. They're more likely to have mobile phones than computers. It's not a luxury in this day and age, you're just one of those people trying to shame poor people for daring to complain about their lot. It's the right-wing custom to shut-down debate when anyone says anything they don't like. You can't complain about poverty and inequality because you don't live in a cave with only a candle and a raw carrot for dinner.

If the likes of Google have their way, SF will turn into Detroit, as the only people living there will be commuting 100 miles away. What do you think happens to all the restaurants, cafes, shops, entertainment venues in SF when the only people who can afford to live there spend their entire waking lives at a tech 'campus' where they eat all their meals, do their laundry, shop online, go to the gym etc?

Comment Re:Law of Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 376

Or you could ban trans-fats and TBHQ. No, they don't have to replace it with something else. They could just not stuff food with artificial substances. People would just have to eat real food like we did up until a few decades ago.

"Oh but personal freedom". Sorry but corporations don't have freedom, they're given all sorts of priveleges by the government, and the government can tell them what to do. Those corporations aren't putting that shit in for your benefit, this has nothing to do with civil liberties so you can drop that libertarian bullshit.

How can anyone possibly need artificial trans-fats? Is there some personal health issue which requires these modern substances which we managed without for thousands of years? If so, they can get it on prescription.

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