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Comment Re:Law of Unintended Consequences (Score 1) 376

Or you could ban trans-fats and TBHQ. No, they don't have to replace it with something else. They could just not stuff food with artificial substances. People would just have to eat real food like we did up until a few decades ago.

"Oh but personal freedom". Sorry but corporations don't have freedom, they're given all sorts of priveleges by the government, and the government can tell them what to do. Those corporations aren't putting that shit in for your benefit, this has nothing to do with civil liberties so you can drop that libertarian bullshit.

How can anyone possibly need artificial trans-fats? Is there some personal health issue which requires these modern substances which we managed without for thousands of years? If so, they can get it on prescription.

Comment Re:No like until now: Sega 2.0 overlods (Score 1) 277

You could have said the exact same thing about the PC vs consoles for the past 30 years, and yet, consoles keep on kicking.

Maybe 15 years. In the olden days, your PS2 had a DVD drive when your PC had just got a CD drive, and your PS1 had a CD drive when having one on your PC meant you were a millionaire.

Your SNES was running Star Fox and Mario Kart when your PC could just about play Civ 1 with 16 colours and the sounds were bleeps from a speaker in your computer case.

Comment Re:Nintendo is here to stay! (Score 1) 277

How exactly are Nintendo always on top? The Wii U is selling less than the Gamecube, and that was a total bust. When you think about it, three out of Nintendo's last four home consoles were flops. Four out of five if you count the Virtual Boy. Even the SNES managed to lose millions of sales in a growing market.

They're basically kept alive by the handheld division, and the 3DS is selling worse than the DS as mobile games start to nibble into their market.

Where exactly do you see Nintendo in five years? The Wii U sells so badly investors force them out of the home console market, the handhelds lose more and more market share, their core franchises become less and less relevant as fewer people have the platforms to play them.

Their only option will be to become solely a software developer, and release their games cross-platform. Then they'll be one of those third-party developers they've been shitting on since the 80s.

Comment Re: Nintendo is here to stay! (Score 2) 277

Actually, unlike Microsoft and Sony, all Nintendo has to do is sell the system and they've already made a profit, even on launch day.

So why did they start losing money during the Wii generation, when they even made a profit with the Gamecube?

A Nintendo executive admitted that they need to sell multiple games per system to break even on the Wii U.

Also, the Wii U is selling worse than the Gamecube. Which sold worse than the N64. Which sold worse than the SNES. Which sold worse than the NES. Nintendo's home console sales have been in terminal decline since the 80s.

The Wii was just a fad, the singing billy bass of consoles. Its playerbase won't buy a Wii U, they won't even buy a PS4 or an Xbone. They'll buy a tablet and play angry birds or whatever.

Nintendo's home console has no market. The hardcore gamers are on Xbone/PS/PC, the casuals are on tablets and phones, they've basically got Zelda and Mario fans.

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