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Comment Re:Actually you can have both (Score 1) 396

Rockstar can't code for shit? They made a game with the scale and spectacle of GTAV run on a console with half a gig of total memory. A PC can't even boot Windows in that much memory.

How many PC games with recommended specs of eight gigs and discrete graphics cards don't even have a fraction of the details of GTAV? How many thousand dollar PCs are running the latest $180/year MMOs where all the NPCs just stand still, where there's no day-night cycle, where your characters don't get wet when they go in the water, where you get loading screens every zone, where clothes don't animate properly, where NPCs don't react to what the character does etc.

If Rockstar can't code for shit, then PC coders must be all fucking worthless. Btw the Steam survey has serious selection problems. It won't count the majority of PC gamers playing WoW or League of Legends or Runescape or Sim City.

Comment Re:Very intuitive (Score 1) 201

Plenty of shitty shovelware on the NES. He didn't care if there were shit games on Nintendo consoles, as long as the third-party developers kowtowed. That attitude is what took Nintendo from market leaders to a very distant second as the TPDs went to Playstation and told Nintendo to go fuck themselves. And they've been telling Nintendo to go fuck themselves ever since.

That attitude from Yamauchi is what made the N64 a failure, what made the Gamecube an even bigger failure, and what's making the Wii U and even bigger failure still. Overnight, Nintendo went from being the kings of home gaming, to total obscurity (unless you think the Wii was anything other than a Billy Bass Fish moment).

They get away with it on handhelds, because the DS is like the NES: no real competition. If someone makes a console that does for handhelds what the Playstation did for the N64, then Nintendo are finished there, too. Then they'll be reduced to releasing Zelda and Mario clones for other companies' systems, and they can get used to being treated as Nintendo themselves treated TPDs back in the 80s.

Comment Re:OMG four whole months to wait. (Score 1) 138

Actually, this is the first generation that has similar memory to a PC. The PS3 launched with 256MB of RAM when a low-end PC might have 2GB, i.e. only 1/8th of the memory. The new consoles have 8GB when a typical gaming PC might have 9-10GB.

Although they've still found a way to ruin that with bloated operating systems taking up nearly half the memory.

Comment Re:Which $400 gaming PC? (Score 1) 611

That PC has no wireless, no blue-tooth, no controller and no blu-ray drive. On top of that, it's $130 more expensive and weaker specced.

So what you're saying is that if you spend more money, you can get something less powerful than a PS4, with half the components missing, and a bigger, uglier form factor, and no doubt higher power consumption, heat generation and noise?

Not to mention the PC will be quickly out of date, whilst a console gets more powerful throughout its generation.

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