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Comment Re:Which $400 gaming PC? (Score 1) 611

That PC has no wireless, no blue-tooth, no controller and no blu-ray drive. On top of that, it's $130 more expensive and weaker specced.

So what you're saying is that if you spend more money, you can get something less powerful than a PS4, with half the components missing, and a bigger, uglier form factor, and no doubt higher power consumption, heat generation and noise?

Not to mention the PC will be quickly out of date, whilst a console gets more powerful throughout its generation.

Comment Re:They've ruined their own market. (Score 1) 193

Have you any evidence that people you know are representative of WoW's general player-base? I think the hardcore vocal minority players who infest internet forums overstate the importance of end-game.

When WoW gained most of its players, in the vanilla era, only 1% of the playerbase even did the original Naxx raid. That suggests that raiding really isn't anything to do with the popularity of WoW.

If anything, the increasing popularity of end-game instanced content, with the dungeon finder and raid finder, has coincided with a collapse in the game's population.

Comment Re:I'd rather not be a 'king'. (Score 1) 145

Yeah everyone today lives in a palace, wears silk shirts and fur coats, eats the best meats, vegetables and fruits, and spends all their free time hunting and fucking.

If you were a king in the middle ages you didn't need heating because you had a huge log fire, you didn't need air con because you're in mediaeval England, if took you months to get anywhere but you're the king, everyone else adjusts to your schedule. You could have a bath whenever you wanted, filled by servants.

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