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Comment Re:I'd rather not be a 'king'. (Score 1) 145

Yeah everyone today lives in a palace, wears silk shirts and fur coats, eats the best meats, vegetables and fruits, and spends all their free time hunting and fucking.

If you were a king in the middle ages you didn't need heating because you had a huge log fire, you didn't need air con because you're in mediaeval England, if took you months to get anywhere but you're the king, everyone else adjusts to your schedule. You could have a bath whenever you wanted, filled by servants.

Comment Re:Does this actually work? (Score 1) 400

Looking at, the prices seem to be the HD7770 at $135, and $80 for the processor. That's not counting the motherboard at $60, $75 for the RAM, $50 for a case that will be bigger than a console case and won't fit under your TV, $75 for the PSU, $60 for the hard disk, $20 for the wireless adapter (and that's a dongle, not internal like on the PS3), $6 for the bluetooth (again, a dongle, it's internal in the PS3), the Windows tax at $120, $30 for the controller., $75 for blu-ray.

That's to get something roughly equivalent to the lastest consoles, it adds up to around $775, or about £520 at $1.50 to the pound. If the consoles cost that much they're dead in the water.

I'm not even including the cost of kinnect, which I'm not sure is even available for the PC. Granted though, the games on PC are dirt cheap, consoles have no Steam sales.

But to say you can game on a PC for $40 is laughable. For a start, most PCs these days are laptops not desktops, so they don't even have room for those new giant graphics cards with multiple fans.

Comment Re:Spoiler alert: no. (Score 1) 335

No idea what Tiger is, if it's an American company then you've obviously missed the point of my post, in that the US is unique in having cheap computer parts. $100 for a graphics card? That's about £67, good look getting a decent graphics card for that price. Something equivalent to what's in the PS4 would cost well over a hundred quid, i.e. $150. Bear in mind that with unified GDDR5 memory, you'll need at least a 2GB graphics card to get close to what a PS4 can use.

Then you'd need eight gigs of RAM, which runs for about £50 ($75). And do you think your five year old core 2 duo will keep up with modern consoles? What about your old 32-bit operating system? That won't cut the mustard, you'll have to pay the Windows tax to access those eight gigs. Then you'll need a new PSU to provide the juice for all those new components.

If you think you can put together a PC comparable to the new consoles for £270, then you're fucking deluded.

Comment Re:Spoiler alert: no. (Score 1) 335

You'd have to look pretty hard to find a PC comparable in specs to the new consoles for the same price. No doubt someone will come up with a list of parts from newegg 'proving' that you can, without realising that they've conveniently hand-waved away half of the costs of the PC, as well as the fact that outside of the US computer parts are nowhere near that cheap. Or that with a console you get a neat, quiet form-factor that fits on the shelf under your TV rather than a clunking desktop with eighteen fans.

Bear in mind that consoles are not competing against your high-end PC that sounds like a jet engine taking off, but the average PC which is probably a laptop with onboard graphics and Windows Vista. And yes, the average gaming PC has onboard graphics according to Steam.

I say this as someone who's recently bought a new expensive PC and games primarily on PC.

Comment Re:Why not just 0? (Score 1) 996

Except there are countries with lower thresholds where it has more of a stigma than the US. With a lower limit, even one drink can put you over it, so drinking and driving in itself is considered unacceptable. In the US, the limit is higher, you can have a few beers, so people just think you're unlucky if you get caught.

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