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Comment Piracy, Shmiracy (Score 3, Informative) 97

Yes, you can use this to pirate. Whoopdodoo. There are lots of other benefits you're overlooking.

- Running games off the memstick is much faster than waiting for the UMD to load
- You can fit several games on the memstick (some may be pirated, if you're a dishonest prick who wants the platform to fail). That means you don't need to lug a ton of fragile disks around when you travel.
- Not using the UMD means extended battery life.

This is really spiffy, don't get me wrong. But what I'd really like is an update to 5.50 firmware so the copy of Final Fantasy VII I just BOUGHT will play on my hacked PSP. I think all the PS1 re-releases from E3 require updated firmware, and that blows.

The Internet

Submission + - Happy 40th Birthday Internet R.F.C.s

WayHomer writes: Stephen Crocker in the New York Times writes, "TODAY is an important date in the history of the Internet: the 40th anniversary of what is known as the Request for Comments (RFC)." "RFC1 — Host Software" was published 40 years ago today, establishing a framework for documenting how networking technolgies and the Internet itself work. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Microsoft Boasts 96% Netbook Penetration 774

An anonymous reader writes "Citing figures from market research firm NPD, Microsoft says Windows' share of the US netbook market has ballooned from less than 10% in the first half of 2008 to 96% as of February. 'The growth of Windows on netbook PCs over the last year has been phenomenal,' wrote Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft's in-house Windows blogger, in a post Friday. Information Week author Paul McDougall notes Microsoft's 8% decline in Windows sales is due to netbooks sporting Linux. How does Redmond make an 80% gain in netbook market share without the sales numbers reflecting that gain?"

Comment Image Quality? (Score 1) 232

The Kindle 2 is limited to 16 color grey scale, the original kindle only 4. The iP[od|hone] doesn't have that limitation- so are the diagrams and charts and images that are otherwise utter crap on the Kindle presented in all of their glory on the iP[od|hone] or do you just get the ugly 16 shades of pixel vomit?

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