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Comment Re:So Sad (Score 2) 684

Sadly, in reality, the same bullies end up exploiting this system as well by basically employing parasitic behavior. What they can do, for instance, is pretend to be on top of it by taking credit for group's brainstorming and while volunteering everyone else to do the work to someone important, park their asses on the project and make the other people pay them to get out of the way enough for the work to be done, hijack the project in the last 5 minutes and turn it in for their own benefit, trash it, and dump it back into the laps of the rest of the team, because they obviously need to fix their problem.

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 4, Interesting) 550

I wonder how people would feel if they realized that, agnostic to the possibility of a deity existing, their "god" likely isn't much more than a warped internalization of their parents ... kind of the adult version of an imaginary friend.

Thus making religion a manifestation of something along the lines of the sense of security of the family, the anxieties of growing up, and the fear of encountering dangers outside of the family, etc...

Basically, people like the sense of familiarity and try to maintain some semblance of it into adulthood so they feel more secure and sure of themselves. It gets spooky when you realize that that sense of familiarity is frequently not the positive kind.

This is usually where I get accused of being atheistic...

Comment Entropy (Score 1) 429

I trust a machine to run in a manner roughly consistent with what is to be expected due to entropy, it's own and the system it happens to reside in, plus any others it has contact with. Whether or not I trust the people that are supposed to be performing work against said entropy is another matter.

If you let con-men run the show, incompetents pretend to do the work, and otherwise starve the effort of what it needs to succeed, don't act all shocked when you are left holding the proverbial radioactive bag after they get through with it. This is the price of engineered ignorance and half-assed stewardship.

Can it work? Of course. Is it worth the cost? That depends, probably not. Will it work? Chances are grim: There is usually too much that could be screwed up that could be simply covered over with a shiny smiley face on a output system like that.

Comment Re:false dichotomy? (Score 1) 15

It can be anything from just trying to be positive (too scared to criticize, feels it will do more harm that good) to flat-out Narcissistic manipulation and posturing. There is too little to go on to narrow the field. But, considering organizational politics, it's probably some of both and quite a bit more. There's all kinds in the zoo.

Comment Re:Why not hardware manufacturers? (Score 1) 809

Actually, I suspect the LiveCD is likely what this is meant to shut down. The little progress that other desktop OSes have made in the IBM PC compatible market in the past few years has been due to Joe Blows tossing a live CD in. Heck, I give them to friends and family for when their Windows installation gets trashed by the latest and greatest Rapeware. There's no way I am being a writer and phone support for my own version of The Idiot's Guide to Playing with FireX4aBIOS Settings.

That, and I can imagine DRM refusing to authenticate on a system with the secure boot setting disabled. We are the enemy, after all.

Comment I'll take a stab at this game... (Score 2) 205

How about: the amount one party spends in legal fees must be matched at some ratio and paid to the other party, regardless of guilt, to be itemized and balanced by the end of every month.

For a 1:1 example:
Joe Blow, owner of Joe's Cups of Joe of Skid Row, OK gets sued by Joe Mamma, Inc., where Joe Mamma dumps $200K every month into lawyer fees, legal research, expert witnesses, court filings, etc... and Joe only spends $5K to retain Jimmy Shyster of Shyster, Benedict, and Arnold. Joe Blow would end up having to match 5K to Joe Mamma, Inc and Joe Mamma, Inc. would have to reimburse Joe Blow for $200K.

That fraking lawsuit had better be worth it to Joe Mamma, Inc.

Stopping the inevitable Hollywood accounting would be a major issue, of course. Would anyone like to pull that idea apart any further?

Comment Re:15-30 minutes (Score 2) 373

Spend about $36.00 in 5 minutes to drive for another 350 miles or about $3.00 in 20 to drive about another 64 miles (assuming comparable subcompacts, highway miles). Keep in mind, you will spend that 5 minutes fueling at a gas station, where you can charge at home and possibly at work, play, and shopping. So, if your idle time is really valuable, or you just go on long trips frequently, you may want to keep a gas car around.

I putter along at about 25 miles per day, with the odd 200 mile trip every few months where I don't mind stopping a couple of times to stretch, take a leak, grab some grub, etc... So, about every quarter, I would drive about 2350 miles. I would spend about 40 minutes during that time fueling my gas car (33 mpg combined, 9 gallons per stop), and 1 hour 20 minutes (4 80% recharges) screwing around at charging stations (20 minutes for 19.2kWh, 80% of a 24kWh pack, 64 miles per). I will have spent about $285 in Gas or about $12 at the charging stations, plus about $94 in household electricity (assuming no "free" charging).

That is about $269 per hour of waiting. Although, this does not include offsets such as the huge upfront cost of the pack (usually a $12k to $14k premium), nor the large difference in maintenance costs. It also does not include the few seconds to plug in the car at home, now that I think about it.

Comment Re:Of course. (Score 2) 1174

It is not that people lack this instinct. It is just that the instinct to submit to pack leaders tends to override this and other such gut responses. For instance, the Milgram Experiment covers the aversion to torture and murder being (easily) overridden. Hense, the urge to deride the TSA as rent-a-cops and other such allusions to their inferiority in the pack when justifying not complying.

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