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Comment Re:Resolution! (Score 1) 217

This chip will work on tablets, so I am not sure about the 20-40% of the pixels thing. Also PS3 games look much better than the PC counterparts on similar hardware thanks to the fine-tuning and specific optimisations which are possible only on fixed hardware. In order to match the PS3 the Mali GPU actually has to be more powerfull. And let's not forget that the power consumption will be orders of magnitude lower. It definatelly will not be high-end, but might still be more powerfull than most of the GPU's that will be sold at the time of the release (e.g. integrated Intel crap).

Comment Soooo, Adobe loves open markets? (Score 4, Interesting) 731

Great! Now if they would be kind enough to adjust the European prices for their products so that they are not 2 times more expensive than in the US.
Observe: - $2,450.99 - EUR 3,688.00 = $4,683.39

And thanks to some european laws that Adobe strongly supports and enforces (with the help of BSA) it is illegal for an european company to use software bought in the US.
Yay for open markets.

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