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Submission + - HOWTO Peer-to-Peer VPN Windows XP

pc1oad1etter writes: I want to set up a secure VPN between two Windows XP boxes, but I want to see better security than what PPTP provides. I want this to be a direct connection between the two computers, with no hardware appliance managing the VPN and no third server setting up the connection. A couple of options have emerged: Now for some questions:
  • What other options are there?
  • Is it possible to put PPTP over SSH or SSL and make it more secure? (Would having TCP over TCP be a problem here?)
  • What pitfalls should I watch out for with TheGreenBow or OpenVPN?
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Journal SPAM: Interpretation Of Dreams 5

I often have the similar dream which is I am chased by someone or something that is superior to me. Then at some point I can get away with their chase after I was able to fly.

I was struck by the mook that was being displayed in a bookshelf at the entrance of some supermarket. The title of the book was 'The Interpretation Of Dreams' In a cover seven dreams are interpretted as follows.


Submission + - Open source apps vendor drops attribution goes GPL

Anonymous Coward writes: "Open source applications vendor, Alfresco, has dropped its MPL+Attribution license and elected to go 100% GPL. While infrastructure companies like Red Hat and MySQL have long pursued such a license strategy, Alfresco becomes the first commercial open source vendor to completely GPL its enterprise content management application. The company's license model is very similar to Red Hat's RHEL/Fedora model. The move comes after months of sometimes rancorous debate as to whether MPL+Attribution constitutes an approved OSI license or not. It remains to be seen how Alfresco competitors like Microsoft Sharepoint and Documentum will respond to an innovative, enterprise-class ECM system...that just so happens to be free."

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