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Comment Re:Good and bad... (Score 1) 770

The bad is that notebooks are rather problematic.

No. The bad is that *your* notebook is problematic. Mine (Dell D630) works just fine, thanks very much. I'm sure other people's do too.

Want work of wonder... Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Now that has me impressed. I run Windows machines, but on my netbook Ubuntu Netbook Remix runs perfectly and the UI is brilliant. Much better than the Windows 7 stuff.

Hmmm, this is heard quite often. I'll set up an opposing point of view here:

I found Ubuntu (admittedly it was Intrepid Ibix) to be substantially inferior for day-to-day usage on the afore mentioned Dell hardware. It was slower, with poorer battery life and much, much less stable - graphics problems mostly. And, unfortunately, Gnome + X11 when dealing with external docks with multiple monitors connected was almost laughable in the poorness of its support. Windows 7 (and, indeed, XP) handled all of this without any difficulty at all.

Don't get me wrong here; I like Linux. I use it at work and am glad to do so. But for a large slice of the regular computing world, it's still got a long way to go. That said, perhaps I should try the latest Ubuntu distro and see if things have improved...


Europa Selected As Target of Next Flagship Mission 168

volcanopele writes "NASA and the European Space Agency announced today that they have selected the Europa/Jupiter System Mission as the next large mission to the outer solar system. For the last year, the Europa mission has been in competition with a proposal to send a mission to Saturn's moon Titan, as reported on Slashdot earlier. The Europa Mission includes two orbiters: one developed by NASA to orbit the icy moon Europa and another developed by ESA to orbit the solar system's largest moon, Ganymede. Both orbiters would spend up to 2.5 years in orbit around Jupiter before settling into orbit around their respective targets, studying Jupiter's satellites, rings, and of course the planet itself. The mission is scheduled to launch in 2020 and arrive at Jupiter in 2025 and 2026."

Comment Re:OH CRAP! (Score 1) 241

The sequence of events you list sound similar to what happened with Babylon 5 producer J.Michael Straczynski (jms):

You know, I'd never even thought of this. However it may be, I don't consider the two shows to be at all similar (apart from the space station-round-planet bit) and there's room in my heart for both :-)

Comment Re:Outdated? (Score 1) 267

Also, and I know I'll get shot down for this, but they sort of missed off the one that 99% of non-technical Windows users will inevitably use:

Windows Media Player.

I mean, what's really the point if you miss off the one encoder which most people will tend to use , if only because they don't know better?


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