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Comment Re:I can sleep (Score 1) 878

I met a guy who was a friend of an ex girldfriend. They went to the same university. Both had Grants for being the best in their class. He was doing his masters in political science in a university that is extremely quantitative oriented (it's a school of economics). The university is as though as it gets. Most people never get in, and many quit. Now this person smoke every day, and without reserve. And still he finished first, and was lovesdby classmates and teachers alike. He's still doing great. I didn't believe it at first (and Was extremely anti-anything but water) at that time. So I though, maybe things are a bit complicated. Then I had my housemate, and she told me of the story of one roomate in germany. He started smoking, started to have problems at work. Was firef. Then did the idiotic idea of going to amsterdam and brught things back. He went to jail. I have no idea how that story continued.

I've seen best of class and people go to jail and lose jobs, weed or not. And that made me ask some questions.

Comment Re:2.7 billion (Score 1) 94

I've reached this conclusion a few year ago. People always ask me how the people from Brasil, Argentina, Mexico or the USA differ. They are all the same, although values do vary, this is basically unrelated to political system and more related to the justice and tolerance of their society. I'd live in any regime where there's empathy, good will and tolerance. I found a lot of that In Mexico, and if you read happiness surveys you'll see that factored in.

Comment Re:Truth or dare... (Score 1) 617

If you invest, you don't have to worry about this. If you are an honest trader, based on information and strategy, not algorithms, you would. For an investor, you are doing a low number of trades and each trade is going to have a huge % of movement which is miles larger than the margin of a HFT. In other words, not only Las Vegas "tax" is extremely larger for random events (say roulette double zero or 1/16 tax rate) but you also can't leverage your knowledge of why something will work/not work. Example: there's a post of OnLive bankruptcy. Suppose it traded, but you knew it'd fail due to lag. That gives you better odds that roulette....only if your judgment is sound, complete and can wait long enough.

Comment Re:Truth or dare... (Score 1) 617

There are reason to to sell within the month:
- You found shares of a company that seems even more attractive
- An event makes you consider closing the position. Say they won the lawsuit you assessed they'd won and the verdict just happened. Or that a company makes an offer.
- Some other fund or company decided to add a position that has affected the price though increased demand. And you think the stock is now overvalued (or the inverse if the fund got rid of a position).
- You want cash to buy a house that you just found that is an amazing deal.
- You decide you'd like to reduce your risk by reducing all your investments in assets (or maybe only the high betas).
- Another 200 reasons

What I do find unacceptable is buying and selling the same symbol within seconds. Much less placing fake quotes.

Comment Re:Truth or dare... (Score 1) 617

For the same reason why you pay taxes, or why you pay twice for mobile plan than in many other countries. An exchange with no HFT would need to be disconnected from mayor exchanges, and would be a useless exchange. And saving in taxes by moving to another country accomplishes nothing if you want to sell to the largest market in the world.

Comment Re:TV Makes You Stupid (Score 1) 334

I have a TV and only use Netflix (streaming and DVD). My 3 years old kid loves Stephen Hawking's Into The Universe, Ocean Documentaries, a few cartoons that actually deal with important stuff (not to be afraid of dark, sharing, etc.). I watch 2 to 3 movies a week. But the iPad gets most of his attention. He loves SolarWalk, his can explore the galaxy and solar system. He asks me a lot of questions. Loves to draw black holes, the sun, and the different planets. Yet, most of the time, he's at school, drawing, playing with water, "cooking".

What I think you describe has to do with the average content, which is....pretty average and will make anyone dumb. Even just watching normal TV will kill your productivity by the sheer amount of ads.

I think you can't Palme the TV. Or the tablet. Or the books. You need to blame people content choices. And about balance or moderation.

Comment Re:iPhone can stream video to TV... (Score 1) 466

But it can stream, just not wirelessly unless you use AppleTV which is $100 and add some clutter, but also a lot of functionality. you'd know if you had one. I really couldn't care as I use a projector to watch movies, so having AppleTV and a blu ray player are obvious requirements. Same with my other TV that only has Roku and which streams perfectly. I actually like the TV and stb as separate components, just like I like the blu ray not bundled with the TV. I haven't heard of anyone being crazy due to what you comment.

For you it may be impportant. For me AirPlay works just right, and having tried DLNA....I despise it,

Comment Re:Margins (Score 1) 365

My 3 years old prefers the iPad as well. He doesn't know about marketing. My wife never really cared about phones, the simplest Nokia was the best. I gave her an iPhone 4 and she said ...meh. Now she never leaves without it. People that want to save a buck where it makes no sense avoid Apple mobile products but end up paying more. Just the resell value of an Apple product makes it a better deal. You can use it for 3 years and get 40% back at the end. The iPhone 4 sells used for about $250 or more and is well beyond 2 years old. What's the resell value of the equivalent Andoid device?

Comment HUGE DECLINE (Score 4, Interesting) 222

iPhone 2G, lasts me 12 hours full use or 4 days stand by (2 days average) - still use it btw with new battery
iPhone 4 lasted me (now my wife) about 8 to 9 hours and a day and a half of light use
iPhone 4S with most battery hungry functions (eg. GPS, notifications) lasts me 6 hours of constant use, or 22 to 26 hours of light use

Now the 4S is in the brink of being unacceptable. It's still convenient and the extra speed is very appreciated. But I always need a power outlet nearby when traveling, and I cannot count on it lasting a full day. It just can't if used for browsing and apps for a couple of hours.

Now, I love the iPad 2 battery life. Puts it in the Awesome Stuff list. I am guaranteed it'll last a day. If they could have kept the 2G life and not up CPU I'd have been more interested in the iPhone 5.

Comment Re:Linking to Wikipedia to explain math (Score 1) 102

So an entry about poems, should lust list the rules, and be done. Actually, a lot of knowledge is contained in the examples, the reason why the concept was needed, how it evolved, and ways to make the concept clear to one that isn't in the field but is generally smart. If you ARE in the field, you likely have specialized books. I don't go to Wikipedia for economic or finance related issues. I got to books that I trust and are solid.

So...I don't agree. Math in wikipedia is useless to me. I don't go to wikipedia to understand any math problem, concept or proof. But I go there for almost anything else as one quick reference. For math, as a non-mathematician, I may go to some of the sites that focus on making concepts useful, comprehensible as well as accurate.

Comment Re:Before the Apple/Android flamewar starts... (Score 1) 404

Apple draw what a Sony engineer described. it was minimalistic. There aren't many forms of minimalistic shapes for phones that have always been rectangular with rounded corners, on 99.9999% of cases. just as a TV, or a frame, and with lots of prior art, a minimalistic phone would be as the Sony engineer described. Don't forget your idol words: "Good artists copy, great artists steal". The court agrees, and allegedly Samsung copied, whereas Apple stole, making the evidence for a $1000000000 trial inadmissible. Lucy Bit** Also hates her ancestors as much as she hates consumers, and need to be slapp** in the *****.

Comment Re:Over dramatic much? (Score 1) 443

Don't doubt it. If I sell something worth $5 for $1, it's guaranteed that I lost $4 and the buyer earned $4, since in the Knight case, that something remained at $5 once people figured out nothing had changed. Moreover, when you earn your salary, you are not creating money. Your employer (or your client) is trading your time for money - for exactly how valuable your work is. If you get paid more, you likely are providing more value or being more productive. Microsoft is no different. They did good choices, and capture revenue from companies and individuals that traded their salary/revenue for Software. Again, money traded hands. The only measure of wealth creation is the real NDP (cousin to real GDP). It means there are more people producing, that people are more productive, or a combination. In the mortgage fiasco, housing skyrocketed. But again, no "money" was created. You can decide your cat is worth $1 billion dollars. And if your neighborhood and everyone you know believes it's a fair price, you'd be a millionaire. But if you find a buyer, you'd have 1 billion, and the buyer will have a dog worth $200, and he'd have lost $1 billion - $200. Again, money traded hands.Bubbles like prime crisis happen to bad causes: there are big commissions, bonuses, and a sense of wealth. But it's just trading.

Now, if we all suddenly agree each tree is worth a billion bucks. Did we just create money? Not really. We just created the illusion of wealth. If you buy a tree and spend $1 billion, you'd have a tree and a paper that says "paid $1 billion". But again, you'd have only traded your $1 billion for a tree. And the illusion can last for as long as the belief is sustained.

You are always trading money for things, and vice versa. And Kight transferred $440 in profits to savvy buyers/sellers.

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