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Comment Re:Only time will tell... (Score 1) 631

I've said it before -- their campaign (on Indiegogo by the way, not Kickstarter) was an abject clinic in how not to do an online campaign. They did just about everything in exactly the worst way to ensure success. The miracle story of that campaign was how much money they got despite their (many) missteps.

Comment Re:Only time will tell... (Score 1) 631

It's not just time -- it's whether or not their mobile gambit pays off. If, as Canonical has wagered, mobile continues to become the central and often only computing device for people, mobile processing/graphics power moves forward a few notches and their Mir efforts hit pay-dirt, then they will not decline but rather become THE undisputed non-Android Linux platform.

If any single one of those things fails to happen in the next 2 years, they're history. Plain and simple unless they recognize early enough and steer the ship back into standard desktop waters.

Comment Re:XBOX? (Score 1) 616

You're going to have to go beyond marketing for this. Microsoft set out with Windows 8 to try to do a convergent experience between devices. Their failure to do this isn't marketing's fault. Whether marketing failed to listen after everyone realized they failed or whether development bothered to tell them is really the question.

Comment Re:Already done, people didn't want it. (Score 1) 207

I don't think it's fair to judge the failure of the Edge campaign as "people didn't want it".

I would have bought one or two if I had enough time to save up the money for it. Forking out $700 or $1400 (for two) on a whim isn't something I'm willing to do since I follow a budget. 30 days notice to do so isn't enough time. If there had been sufficient warning of at least two months BEFORE the start of the campaign, I'm betting others besides myself could have saved up the money to buy one.

Also, there was speculation about whether requiring people to have a Paypal account caused some people not to pledge for one. It's reasonable to suspect at least some people fit in this category.

Lastly the Edge campaign was an absolute clinic in how NOT to do pricing perks. It would probably take three or four large paragraphs to explain the situation, but to say that it was convoluted and unhelpful would be an understatement. They eventually settled on a single (and attractive) price point which is what they should have had from the beginning.

Comment Re:This is a "Free Market" (Score 2) 688

For an individual to benefit from that corporate income, at some point it has to become their income.

That's terribly inaccurate. Creative minds long ago figured out how to get personal benefit without making it personal income. Large companies have people whose sole job is to find ways to minimize tax liability. Eliminate corporate taxes and these folks won't be fired -- they'll be reassigned to spend all day every day to come up with even more elaborate ways to benefit management without having it be personal income.

Comment Re:More petty bickering (Score 2) 168

There is nothing that qualifies Mir and disqualifies Wayland for mobile. Hell you can use Xorg in mobile and achieve good results, albeit with unnecessary X11-imposed overhead.

"Not being a prime directive" and "not being able to do it" aren't the same things. If you're trying to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a mobile device, which Canonical does want to do in order to support convergence, then you WANT your compositor to be designed from the ground up with mobile in mind. It may well be that even given this Wayland is the better choice due to better design. Time will tell.

Compositors are mutually exclusive. You can run any number of IDEs at the same time, compositors are one-at-a-time things.


The last thing I want to see is someone (who is notorious for being insular) leveraging market share to push their internally controlled solution on everyone else.

If other distros offer a better product with the help of Wayland, then they'll have no problem stealing market share. Linux users tend to be savvy such that they can switch distros if compelled to do so.

Comment Re:Citation needed. (Score 1) 400

By statistical modeling correlated to rising CO2 that shows trend lines antithetical to Global Warming modeling predictions. You'll need a large data sampling to reduce sensitivity to individual weather events. There's a reason such statistical modeling hasn't been done yet -- the data doesn't correlate antithetically to Global Warming models.

That infinitesimally small number of scientists that aren't part of the "consensus" by and large don't disagree with the data, just the cause.

Comment Re:More petty bickering (Score 5, Interesting) 168

It's more like Canonical looking at the progress and direction of Wayland and saying, "we don't feel this product is going to be sufficient for our near term mobile goals and would rather roll our own to ensure product delivery"

Whether or not they were correct in this thinking is possibly open for debate. There's certainly been some things they've said publicly that were debunked, but that doesn't mean the core of their premise is wrong. They are moving to a mobile strategy that AFAIK just isn't a prime directive of Wayland, but I'm not well versed in all that is Wayland so maybe someone that is can clear that up.

The petty bickering is Wayland devs and fans getting butt hurt about some things Canonical has said publicly some of which has been proven wrong as I said above. Since then, it's been a cacophony of rants from the Wayland devs/fans with general Canonical/Ubuntu haters thrown in bashing on Canonical/Ubuntu/Mir/Unity at every opportunity.

I've just started tuning it out waiting to see how it all turns out. If there's room for more than one IDE, I don't see why there can't be room for more than one compositor. May the best product win where "win" is defined as the most market share.

Comment Re:Citation needed. (Score 3, Interesting) 400

Climate models have long said that as we trend towards very bad extremes (high temperature, low sea ice and melting glaciers) that you WILL see wild intra-value swings with higher frequency of those swings happening.

Adding a single event into a pile of extreme weather/climate conditions makes sense. But to say "Aha! See the ice went way up this year, so how does that fit into your theory?" is silly. It fits nicely with the wild swings mentioned above. If the theory holds true then you'll see record lows yet again in a year or two. Followed by possible another year of "60% ice growth ZOMG AGW isn't real!" but again -- it fits the pattern.

This isn't to say that every extreme weather event fits like a glove into this mold. It's just to say that when you get extremely unusual weather events of colossal size every year (like we've been seeing) and wild statistical swings in any one direction, then it gets easier to explain.

BUT -- and this is size 600 font "but" -- you have to watch the trend lines over the years to understand where things are headed. The recent (i.e. 100 year) trend lines are all headed to very bad places. Even worse -- the only surprise in the trend lines has been how quickly they're happening.

Comment Re:Everybody loves? Not quite. (Score 1) 420

There is someone trying to be that third player -- Canonical.

Lots of people have recently taken on more negative views of them because Upstart, Mir, Unity and also the Amazon stuff. Should they succeed, there's no reason to think you couldn't mod the crap out of an Ubuntu phone or slap on your own distro unless the heavy lifting is done via blobs I guess.

Comment Re:light, tunnel, oncoming train (Score 1) 248

Don't use such negative social engineering language. Those folks PAID into the system. They're taking out what they put in. And for IT workers, chances are they will not take out more than they paid in.

It's true that we are reaching a point where there will soon be more people retiring than can reasonably replenish the money being taken out. But many people totally misunderstand what that means. It means retirees will receive _reduced_ benefits -- not _no_ benefits.

Funding for Social Security could be fixed in an instant by removing the cap on income taxed for Social Security. But tax increases are scary because freedom, so it will never happen even if it's to help take care of our parents and grandparents.

Comment Re:What are they chasing (Score 1) 243

With AR picking up steam, there's lots of room for innovation. You may find incremental improvements on old ideas in the internet landscape, but finding new ways to blur the lines between the digital and real is the upcoming frontier.

Not sure if that's the kind of company they want to attract, but if there is a new bubble to spring up, it's likely that unless it's something built around the 3D printing they mention. I did hear an NPR story recently about a guy working on prosthetics for kids using 3D printing.

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