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Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 1) 1093

Good to see a clear explanation of how things actually work in the real world.

I almost laughed out loud about the bear comment (that a gun wouldn't do much about a bear).

I was reminded about the Alaskan Park Ranger who was confronted with a grizzly bear last year. He had to unload the whole magazine from his .44 magnum pistol into the bear but he did kill it in time to save himself. The Park Service later found that the bear contained the remains (incl. bits of shoes and clothing) of three different hikers. Too bad one of them didn't have a good gun on hand.

Ideas and Guns can both be very dangerous things in society, and both are necessary to a functioning society. Yes, occasionally, someone will go off irresponsibly shooting off ideas or bullets, and both can cause much harm to others in society. But, once you take either one away from the people, you no longer have a society, you have a totalitarian state.

Comment Try 68mph average (Score 1) 71

If you look at the video ( beware of stupid advert first), you will see that he takes about 15sec to cross the gorge, and 6 sec hovering to land.

This is about 100feet/sec, or about 68mpg. I wouldn't be surprised if his peak speed were close to 100mph.

This does not mean I'm any less impressed with the technology or the stunt, I just like to get the figures right also.

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