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Comment Re:OK, it's moderately amusing, but... (Score 1) 535

do people really still think of religions in 2013 as about sky-fairies rather than philosophies or systems of ethics?

Obama does. Here he is... direct quote... talking about his faith in the Zombie Jesus:

"I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that that faith gives me a path to be cleansed of sin and have eternal life." - Barack Hussein Obama

Comment Apples and oranges (Score 1) 25

The difference between the Zimmerman case and this case is, Zimmerman stood a chance of (and did) being exonerated, and was being praised.

The murderers in the Aussie case stand no chance of walking for quite some time. And no one except objective imbeciles is praising the killers here.

Tisk-tisking the race-baiters and saying they are hypocrites is appropriate in many occasions. This is not one of them.

Comment Re:Failure to even Attempt to process the article. (Score 3, Informative) 926

I'm sorry but it clearly is excess calories. If you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight. It's basic thermodynamics.

No need to be sorry.

Anyway, it is more complicated than "basic thermodynamics". You can't just take the calorie counts, as derived from a laboratory process, and say that is what your body is using.

Not 100% of the caloric value of foods is burned. For example, feces has a caloric content. The caloric counts posted on packaging accounts for this, but it is only an approximation. And it is often wildly incorrect.

So stop with the condescending "I'm sorry it's basic thermodynamics." It's more complicated than that for a number of reasons... I have only touched on one.

Comment Re:Bloomberg, I have a great PR idea for you! (Score 1) 308

Ya think? You make this sound like some kind of revelation... as if you are imparting some kind of wise insight into the mind of Bloomberg.

Where have you been the past ten years? Anyone with a spine and a cerebral cortex has been aware of these things for quite some time.

Anyway, welcome back to planet earth.

Comment Re:SMOB (Score 1) 28

You raise a good point. With all the new money in the system, why have not prices increased?

People and businesses are scared shitless of this guy Obama and what he's going to do next. They are holding on to their money. They are not willing to invest it or spend it the way they would be if there were not someone with the policies and leanings of an Obama in charge.

There is a concept in economic called "the velocity of money". The velocity of money is a factor in inflation. Basically, the faster money turns around... the faster parties receive money and then spend it, the higher inflation. The longer they hold on to their money, the lower the rate of inflation. When people distrust the government, the velocity of money generally decreases.

The Fed is counter-acting this, and is trying to get people and businesses to spend in something approaching a normal way, basically by giving money away. Can you imagine what would happen if the Fed stopped that? What the economy would do if it stopped supporting Obama by practically giving money away? The economy would slam shut instantly. The fact that there is ANY spending is tribute to how much money they are dumping into the economy.

If that were to stop while Obama is in power, I believe the economy would crash. It'll crash eventually, but as long as the Fed keeps kicking the can down the road, the time of reckoning is being put off.

Comment Re:Link is broken (Score 0) 144

"In the mean time if you wish to live in this society, obey its laws.(this is more of a general statement against a ton of people lately that seem to think that breaking the law is ok if you don't think its just, not necessarily you entroplus)"

Suck my big, veiny, throbbing dick. And don't tell me what to do, asshole.

  “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
  Martin Luther King Jr.

“An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law”
  Martin Luther King Jr.

“If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law”
  Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience and Other Essays

“An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so. Now the law of nonviolence says that violence should be resisted not by counter-violence but by nonviolence. This I do by breaking the law and by peacefully submitting to arrest and imprisonment.”
  Mahatma Gandhi, Non-violence in Peace and War 1942-49

“It was civil disobedience that won them their civil rights.”
  Tariq Ali

“I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.”
  Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“When EVIL men make bad laws, righteous men disobey them."
Pastor Butch Paugh

“Civil disobedience, as I put it to the audience, was not the problem, despite the warnings of some that it threatened social stability, that it led to anarchy. The greatest danger, I argued, was civil obedience, the submission of individual conscience to governmental authority. Such obedience led to the horrors we saw in totalitarian states, and in liberal states it led to the public's acceptance of war whenever the so-called democratic government decided on it...

In such a world, the rule of law maintains things as they are. Therefore, to begin the process of change, to stop a war, to establish justice, it may be necessary to break the law, to commit acts of civil disobedience, as Southern black did, as antiwar protesters did.”
  Howard Zinn, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times

“An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.”
  Mahatma Gandhi

Harriet Beecher Stowe
“But now what? Why, now comes my master, takes me right away from my work, and my friends, and all I like, and grinds me down into the very dirt! And why? Because, he says, I forgot who I was; he says, to teach me that I am only a nigger! After all, and last of all, he comes between me and my wife, and says I shall give her up, and live with another woman. And all this your laws give him power to do, in spite of God or man. Mr. Wilson, look at it! There isn't one of all these things, that have broken the hearts of my mother and my sister, and my wife and myself, but your laws allow, and give every man power to do, in Kentucky, and none can say to him nay! Do you call these the laws of my country? Sir, I haven't any country, anymore than I have any father. But I'm going to have one. I don't want anything of your country, except to be let alone,--to go peaceably out of it; and when I get to Canada, where the laws will own me and protect me, that shall be my country, and its laws I will obey. But if any man tries to stop me, let him take care, for I am desperate. I'll fight for my liberty to the last breath I breathe. You say your fathers did it; if it was right for them, it is right for me!”
  Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom's Cabin

Comment Of course not (Score 4, Insightful) 393

Why would the average person give a fuck about their privacy? Most people have nothing to hide, and unless they are a fanatic or a hobbyist, they could not care less who reads their stuff.

This security stuff is NOT about the average guy, though. It's about movers and shakers... politicians, lawyers, businessmen, members of the media... people who have power in some ways to affect change, and who communicate in ways which REQUIRE privacy.

Likewise, the NSA monitoring the average person does not matter in the least. It is about them monitoring movers and shakers. It's about people who could potentially upset the powers that be.

So cut me a break with the ruminations about whether Joe Six Pack or Susy Soccer Mom is going to encrypt their email. The real question will be, will the next candidate for high office, who aims to shake things up, and who thinks the current Republicratic overlords need to GTFO... the question is... will he us it, and will he continue to be monitored.

Comment Re:not exactly a lot of money (Score 4, Insightful) 99

It's more than just the monetary cost. It's a morality issue.

Is it moral to take, under threat of jail, funds from anyone, no matter how small, to pay for Facebook likes?

Our government is immoral. Cases such as this serve to highlight it.

Apologist for our immoral government will continue to say, "oh, what's a million dollars here or there" not realizing or denying how obscene their position actually is.

Comment Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 1) 325

> Therein is the problem, laws should not be based on "feelings". So called "stand your ground" laws are bad policy.

It's not about "feelings". It's about "state of mind". And "state of mind" has EVERYTHING to do about the law.

Medical doctor touches a hotties ass in a clinical setting, that's therapeutic.

Pervert touches a hotties ass in a subway, and gets locked up.

Same action. Only difference is state of mind.

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