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Comment Re:What will they eat... (Score 4, Interesting) 221

it's possible that they /did/ evolve just to eat the titanic. Maybe there were some microbes that ate some other iron-filled delicacy, and happened across this gluttonous feast. over the next thousands/millions of generations, the microbes then evolved to specifically eat the titanic - I mean, why bother struggling to find food elsewhere when you're right at the feast table?

and what happens when the titanic is gone? they die. maybe a few will survive, but any that have specialised to eat the hull will most likely not be able to eat anything else.

Comment my phone is not for music (Score 1) 489

I didn't buy this phone to listen to music on it. I use it for email, web, talking to people, but not music.

It's a communications device - not a media player.

yes, it /can/ be a media player, but that's a choice, not a mandate.

It makes little sense to me that a music company is trying to force my communications device to do something that would be useless to me.

Comment Re:BOINC (Score 1) 188

> have you actually tried to write something in javascript?

yes. I'm the author of KFM as well as a few little tricks

> what works in one browser doesnt work in another...

jQuery, ProtoType, MooTools, Ext, etc

> the number of simple functionalities that are
missing sleep() for instance?

can be emulated with setTimeout().
    PHP has array_merge() but C doesn't. Does that mean that C is crap?

> and its only just recently got threading support

again, could be emulated with setTimeout(). Even for() loops can be broken apart ("threaded") using a bit of thought and setTimeout().

Just because JavaScript doesn't have the same list of tricks that some other languages have doesn't mean it's not worth using.

My opinion is that if there is a language which you /know/ is available on every browser that people use (normal people - not 'noscript' users or web crawlers), then I don't see the problem in using it.

To bring the context back to the article, I've had that idea before, about letting a bit of computation happen on the browsers of people reading my own sites. That could not happen if a big popup announced that a script was trying to run in a plugin not supported by the browser (ActiveX, Java, Silverlight, Flash). Why not just use the language that is there...

I mean, if your requirement is a language that might not be present in all visitors' browsers, then why not go the whole hog and ask the reader to download and install a full application?

Comment Re:BOINC (Score 1) 188

I don't get what's the big problem people have with "[shudder]JavaScript[/shudder]".

It's a Turing-complete language, which means it can be used to do anything from simple form validation to ray tracing and neural net simulations.
    With AJAX to handle file interactions, I don't understand the problem that people have with it. What is it that you think JavaScript can't do that 'x' language can?

I wish people would get over this childish bias and accept that JavaScript is a /real/ language, and not a toy.

The FA demonstrates that...

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